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Minister's powers to fix fees

    (1)     The Minister, by Order, may fix any fees that are required, permitted or authorised to be fixed by the Minister under this Act.

S. 5.2.13(1A) inserted by No. 70/2008 s. 33.

    (1A)     The Minister, when fixing a fee under subsection (1) that may be charged by, or is required to be paid to, the Authority for or in connection with a thing done by the Authority, may fix a different higher fee if the thing is to be done by a person performing a function delegated by the Authority under section 4.2.7A.

    (2)     The Minister's powers to fix fees may be exercised by fixing different fees for different classes of applications or investigations.

S. 5.2.13(3) inserted by No. 58/2007 s. 36.

    (3)     If the Minister fixes a fee by Order under this section, the Minister may in the Order authorise the payment of the fee by periodic instalment amounts fixed by the Minister.

S. 5.2.13(4) inserted by No. 58/2007 s. 36.

    (4)     Despite anything to the contrary in this Act, if the Minister authorises the payment of a fee by instalments in respect of an application or investigation, the body considering the application or undertaking the investigation may take that action and may make any determination in respect of the application on payment of the first instalment of the fee.

S. 5.2.13(5) inserted by No. 58/2007 s. 36.

    (5)     The person required to pay the fee that is authorised to be paid by instalments must pay each instalment by the date that it is due to be paid.

S. 5.2.13(6) inserted by No. 58/2007 s. 36.

    (6)     Any instalment that is not paid by the due date for that instalment is a debt due to the body charging the fee.

Part 5.3—Secretary's functions and powers

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