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Schedule 6—Ministerial orders

Section 5.10.4(2)

        1     Work experience arrangements

        2     Structured workplace learning

        3     Fees payable under this Act

        4     Discipline in Government schools

    4.1     The suspension or expulsion of students from Government schools.

    4.2     The grounds on which a student may be suspended or expelled.

    4.3     The procedures to be followed before a student may be suspended or expelled.

    4.4     The period for which a student may be suspended.

    4.5     The grounds on which a student may appeal to the Secretary against his or her expulsion and the procedures to be followed on such an appeal.

    4.6     The means by which a student expelled from a Government school is to be given an opportunity to continue his or her education while of compulsory school age.

    4.7     The circumstances in which the Secretary may prohibit a student expelled from a Government school from attending any other Government school.

        5     Councils of Government schools

    5.1     Constitution of school councils.

        6     Government school plans

    6.1     The period within which a school plan must be submitted to the Secretary for approval.

    6.2     The matters which must be contained in a school plan.

    6.3     The role of the Secretary in assisting with the preparation and implementation of a school plan.

    6.4     The period for which a school plan is to remain in force.

    6.5     The manner in which a school plan may be amended or terminated.

    6.6     The procedure for reviewing a school plan.

    6.7     The consequences of non-compliance with a school plan.

        7     Annual reports of school councils

    7.1     Details of the implementation by the council of the school plan.

    7.2     School performance data.

    7.3     Details of any contracts, agreements or arrangements entered into by the council.

    7.4     Details of programs offered for overseas students.

        8     Employment in the teaching service

Sch. 6 cl. 8.1 substituted by No. 70/2008 s. 40(1).

    8.1     Specifying or providing for ranges of remuneration packages for—

        (a)     members of the Principal Class or a class of members of the Principal Class; or

        (b)     members of the Executive Class or a class of members of the Executive Class.

Sch. 6 cl. 8.1A inserted by No. 70/2008 s. 40(2).

    8.1A     Fixing a range of remuneration for executives, including a different range for each grade or class of executive.

    8.2     Authorising payments to employees appointed as Government representatives on bodies established for the purposes of this Act.

Sch. 6 cl. 8.3 amended by No. 76/2013 s. 19(3).

    8.3     Specifying the qualifications or experience necessary for employment, promotion or transfer to any position or class or grade of position.

Sch. 6 cl. 8.4 amended by No. 70/2008 s. 40(3).

    8.4     Declaring any position or class of position in the teaching service to be a position in the Principal Class or the Executive Class.

    8.5     Providing for long service leave and sick leave entitlements of persons employed in special developmental schools to be calculated having regard to employment at a day training centre that was registered under the Mental Health Act   1959 .

    8.6     Generally providing for employment in the teaching service, including salaries and allowances and the terms and conditions of employment.

Sch. 6 cl. 9 substituted by No. 76/2013 s. 17.

        9     TAFE teaching staff

Declaring a position or class of positions on the staff of a TAFE institute to be part of the management staff of the TAFE institute.

        10     Training agents

Appointing any person or body to be an approved training agent for the purposes of this Act.

Sch. 6 cl. 11 inserted by No. 3/2008 s. 8.

        11     Anaphylaxis management policy

The matters to be included in an anaphylaxis management policy, including—

        (a)     plans and procedures for anaphylaxis management; and

        (b)     the training of relevant staff.

Sch. 6 cl. 12 inserted by No. 11/2011 s. 4.

        12     Search and seizure

    12.1     The manner in which search and seizure powers may be exercised under Part 5.8A.

    12.2     Matters relating to actions to be taken after an item is seized under Part 5.8A.

    12.3     The type of items that may be declared under Part 5.8A.

Sch. 6 cl. 13 inserted by No. 37/2015 s. 25.

        13     Licensing arrangements of school councils

The procedures relating to a school council—

        (a)     granting a licence in relation to school lands or buildings; and

        (b)     entering into a licensing arrangement in relation to any other land.

Sch. 6 cl. 14 inserted by No. 37/2015 s. 26.

        14     Protection scheme for fees paid to non‑Government schools

    14.1     The matters that the Authority must consider in deciding whether to impose a condition on the registration of a non-Government school for the school to put in place a protection scheme for fees paid or to be paid to that school.

    14.2     The requirements of a protection scheme for fees paid or to be paid to a non-Government school may include but are not limited to the following—

        (a)     the timing of payment of fees including restrictions on paying fees in advance;

        (b)     the method of payment of fees including that fees may be paid in instalments;

        (c)     the method of collection of fees;

        (d)     the refund of fees;

        (e)     the management of fees, including a requirement that fees be paid into a trust;

        (f)     the nature and terms of a trust into which fees are to be paid;

        (g)     a requirement that the school advise parents of students at the school of the reasons for putting in place the protection scheme.

    14.3     In this clause "fee" has the same meaning as in section 4.3.1A.

Sch. 7 repealed by No. 19/2008 s. 13, new Sch. 7 inserted by No. 71/2010 s. 34.

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