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Approved firearms collectors clubs—Requirements as to members and former members

(1)     An approved firearms collectors club—

        (a)     must not admit a person as a member of the club if the person is a prohibited person; and

S. 123L(b) amended by No. 78/2005 s. 50(1)(a).

        (b)     must not have a person as a collector member of the club unless a nominated officer of the club reasonably believes that that person has submitted to the club—

              (i)     any records about that person kept by or on behalf of the Chief Commissioner or any person holding a position equivalent to that of the Chief Commissioner in the Commonwealth or in any other State or Territory of the Commonwealth; and

              (ii)     two character references from people who are of or over the age of 18 years, who are of good repute and who have known the person for a minimum of 2 years; and

              (iii)     the names of any other approved firearms collectors clubs of which that person is a member; and

S. 123L(b)(iv) amended by No. 78/2005 s. 50(1)(b).

              (iv)     the names of any other approved firearms collectors clubs which, at any time in the 5 years immediately preceding the person becoming a collector member of the club, the person—

    (A)     has had a membership of; or

    (B)     has had a membership of cancelled or suspended; or

    (C)     has been refused membership of.

S. 123L(1A) inserted by No. 50/2007 s. 34(2).

    (1A)     An approved firearms collectors club     must notify the Chief Commissioner of the name of any person who has surrendered his or her membership or who has had his or her membership suspended or cancelled, within 7 days of that surrender, suspension or cancellation.

S. 123L(2) inserted by No. 78/2005 s. 50(2).

    (2)     In this section, "collector member of the club" means a member of the club who collects firearms.

Division 3—General provisions applying to approvals under this Part

S. 123M inserted by No. 28/2003 s. 53.

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