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Appropriation for borrowing against future appropriation

S. 28(1) amended by No. 1/1998
s. 10(a)(i).

    (1)     The Governor in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister, may by Order published in the Government Gazette approve the allocation to a department of amounts in addition to the amounts appropriated for the purposes of that department in the annual appropriation.

    (2)     The Minister must not recommend an allocation under this section unless satisfied—

S. 28(2)(a) amended by No. 1/1998
s. 10(a)(ii).

        (a)     that it is for purposes considered prudent and advantageous in the current financial year; and

S. 28(2)(b) amended by No. 1/1998
s. 10(a)(iii).

        (b)     that the benefit of that allocation will accrue, or continue, in the next financial year.

S. 28(3) amended by No. 1/1998
s. 10(a)(iv).

    (3)     An amount approved for allocation to a department in a financial year must not exceed an amount equal to 3 per centum of the amount appropriated for the purposes of the department in the annual appropriation for that year.

    (4)     The Minister may issue out of the Consolidated Fund amounts not exceeding in a financial year a total amount equal to one half of one per centum of the annual appropriation for that year and the Consolidated Fund is appropriated accordingly.

S. 28(5) inserted by No. 25/2015 s. 6.

    (5)     In this section—

"department" includes Court Services Victoria.

S. 29 amended by Nos 75/1994 s. 7(1)(b), 43/1995 s. 7(1)(e), 1/1998
s. 10(b)(c), substituted by No. 26/2006 s. 6.

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