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Information Commissioner may accept or decline to deal with complaint

S. 61B(1) amended by No. 20/2017 s. 52(4).

    (1)     The Information Commissioner may—

        (a)     accept a complaint to the extent that the complaint relates to—

              (i)     a matter referred to in section 61A(1)(a); or

S. 61B(1)(a)(ia) inserted by No. 20/2017 s. 52(2).

        (ia)     a matter referred to in section 61A(1)(ab);

              (ii)     a matter referred to in section 61A(1)(b) to (e); or

        (b)     determine not to accept a complaint or dismiss a complaint at any stage.

S. 61B(2) amended by No. 20/2017 s. 52(4).

    (2)     Without limiting subsection (1)(b), the Information Commissioner may determine not to accept a complaint or may dismiss a complaint on any of the following grounds—

        (a)     the action or failure by an agency was not in the performance by the agency of its functions or obligations under this Act;

S. 61B(2)(ab) inserted by No. 20/2017 s. 52(3).

        (ab)     the action or failure by a principal officer was not in the performance by the principal officer of the principal officer's functions or obligations under Part IB or II;

        (b)     the complainant has the right to make a complaint about the action to another body and has not exercised that right;

        (c)     the complaint is frivolous, vexatious, misconceived, lacking in substance or not made in good faith;

        (d)     the complainant does not have a sufficient interest in the subject-matter of the complaint;

        (e)     the complainant has failed to co-operate with the Commissioner in dealing with the complaint without reasonable excuse;

        (f)     the complaint was made after the end of the time permitted to make a complaint;

        (g)     the Commissioner considers that a complaint is not appropriate in the circumstances;

        (h)     the Commissioner is unable to contact the applicant following reasonable attempts to do so.

S. 61B(3) amended by No. 20/2017 s. 52(4).

    (3)     The Information Commissioner must dismiss a complaint if the subject-matter of the complaint has been, or could be, dealt with by an application for review by the Information Commissioner or the Tribunal.

S. 61B(4) amended by No. 20/2017 s. 52(4).

    (4)     If the Information Commissioner dismisses a complaint, the Commissioner must give written notice to the complainant setting out the grounds for dismissing the complaint.

S. 61C inserted by No. 6/2012 s. 24.

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