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Failure to attend etc. before Health Complaints Commissioner

A person or body must not—

S. 84(a) amended by No. 22/2016 s. 222(b).

        (a)     without reasonable excuse, refuse or fail—

S. 84(a)(i) amended by No. 22/2016 s. 222(a).

              (i)     to attend before the Health Complaints Commissioner; or

              (ii)     to be sworn or to make an affirmation; or

              (iii)     to give information; or

              (iv)     to answer a question or produce a document—

when so required by the Health Complaints Commissioner under this Act; or

S. 84(b) amended by No. 22/2016 s. 222(c).

        (b)     wilfully obstruct, hinder or resist the Health Complaints Commissioner or an employee in the office of the Health Complaints Commissioner or a delegate of the Health Complaints Commissioner in—

              (i)     performing, or attempting to perform, a function or duty under this Act; or

              (ii)     exercising, or attempting to exercise, a power under this Act; or

S. 84(c) amended by No. 22/2016 s. 222(d).

        (c)     furnish information or make a statement to the Health Complaints Commissioner knowing that it is false or misleading in a material particular.

Penalty:     In the case of a body corporate, 300 penalty units;

In any other case, 60 penalty units.

Part 8—General

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