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Request for additional information

S. 23(1) amended by No. 32/2006 s. 15(2)(a).

    (1)     An enforcement agency may request in writing any additional information which it requires to conduct a review under section 24 from the applicant.

S. 23(2) amended by No. 32/2006 s. 15(2)(b), substituted by No. 9/2008 s. 12.

    (2)     If an enforcement agency makes a request under subsection (1), it must suspend the review until the earlier of—

        (a)     35 days from the date specified in the document making the request as the date of the document; or

        (b)     the date when the additional information is provided.

S. 23(3) substituted by No. 9/2008 s. 12.

    (3)     Within 14 days of service of the request for additional information by the enforcement agency, the applicant—

        (a)     must provide the additional information; or

        (b)     if additional time is required, may request in writing an extension of time to provide the additional information.

S. 23(4) substituted by No. 9/2008 s. 12.

    (4)     If the applicant requests additional time in accordance with subsection (3)(b), the enforcement agency may—

        (a)     refuse to extend the time for the provision of the additional information; or

        (b)     grant an extension of time for that information to be provided.

S. 23(5) inserted by No. 9/2008 s. 12.

    (5)     If an enforcement agency grants an extension of time under subsection (4)(b), the agency must inform the applicant in writing of the period of the extension.

S. 23(6) inserted by No. 9/2008 s. 12.

    (6)     If an applicant fails to provide the information requested under subsection (1) to the enforcement agency within the period specified in subsection (3) or, if an extension is granted under subsection (4)(b), within the period of that extension, the enforcement agency

        (a)     may review the decision under section 24 without the additional information; or

        (b)     despite subsections (3) and (4)—

              (i)     if the applicant provides the additional information to the enforcement agency out of time, may accept that late information; and

              (ii)     may review the decision under section 24 with that late information.

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