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Penalty reminder notices

    (1)     An enforcement agency may serve a penalty reminder notice on a person on whom an infringement notice was served if it appears to the enforcement agency that an infringement penalty has not been paid—

        (a)     within the period for payment specified in the infringement notice; or

        (b)     if an application for internal review under Division 3 has been made and no previous penalty reminder notice has been served in respect of the infringement notice, within the time specified in section 26.

    (2)     If a payment plan applies to a person, an enforcement agency may serve a penalty reminder notice on that person if it appears to the enforcement agency that no previous penalty reminder notice has been served in respect of the infringement notice and the person has—

        (a)     cancelled the payment plan; or

S. 29(2)(b) amended by No. 59/2017 s. 116(1).

        (b)     removed an infringement penalty and penalty reminder notice fee in respect of an infringement offence from a payment plan; or

        (c)     is in default of a payment of the payment plan.

S. 29(3) amended by Nos 32/2006 s. 18(2), 47/2014 s. 219.

    (3)     If a person is served with a penalty reminder notice in relation to an infringement notice, the time for payment of the infringement penalty is extended for a period specified in the penalty reminder notice, being a period not less than 14 days after the penalty reminder notice has been served.

S. 29(4) amended by No. 59/2017 s. 116(2).

    (4)     The infringement penalty together with any penalty reminder notice fee may be paid within the extended period as if the infringement notice or law under which the notice was served also required the payment of those costs.

    (5)     A penalty reminder notice must be in writing and contain the prescribed details.

S. 30 (Heading) amended by No. 32/2006 s. 19(1).

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