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Procedure for determining claims of privilege or claims of a secrecy requirement

    (1)     This section applies if a person claims on production of a document or other thing, before the IBAC that—

        (a)     the document or other thing is the subject of privilege; or

        (b)     the document or other thing cannot be disclosed due to a secrecy requirement of any enactment or other law that applies to the person.

    (2)     A person making a claim to which this section applies must attend before the IBAC in accordance with the witness summons.

    (3)     The IBAC must consider the claim of privilege or application of the secrecy requirement and either—

        (a)     withdraw the requirement to produce the document or other thing over which the claim is made; or

        (b)     not withdraw the requirement and require the claimant to immediately seal the document or other thing in an envelope, or otherwise secure it if it cannot be sealed in an envelope, and give it to the IBAC.

    (4)     The IBAC must not inspect the document or other thing in considering the claim.

    (5)     If the IBAC does not withdraw the requirement to produce the document or other thing the IBAC must—

        (a)     apply to the Supreme Court in accordance with section 59M for determination of the claim of privilege or application of the secrecy requirement; and

        (b)     if the IBAC requires the claimant to give the document or other thing to the IBAC under subsection (3)(b), the IBAC must immediately give the sealed envelope or the document or other thing otherwise secured to the proper court officer of the Supreme Court to be held in safe custody.

    (6)     Subject to section 59N, a person must not open a sealed envelope or interfere with a document or other thing secured otherwise than in an envelope before delivery to the proper officer of the Supreme Court.

S. 59M inserted by No. 30/2016 s. 22.

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