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Meetings of the Board

S. 25(1) substituted by No. 61/1996 s. 18(1).

    (1)     The President or, in his or her absence, a member elected by the members present, must preside at a meeting of the Board.

S. 25(2) repealed by No. 61/1996 s. 18(1).

    *     *     *     *     *

    (3)     A majority of members in office at the time constitutes a quorum.

S. 25(4) amended by No. 61/1996 s. 18(2).

    (4)     Subject to the presence of a quorum, the Board may act notwithstanding a vacancy in its membership.

S. 25(5) amended by No. 61/1996 s. 18(2).

    (5)     A question arising at a meeting of the Board is determined by a majority of votes of the members present and voting on the question and, if the votes are equal, the person presiding has a casting vote.

S. 25(6) amended by Nos 29/1994 s. 70, 61/1996 s. 18(2)(3).

    (6)     The Board must meet on at least 6 occasions in each year at the times and places that are determined by the President or the Board.

S. 25(7) amended by No. 61/1996 s. 18(2).

    (7)     An act or decision of the Board is not invalid by reason only of a defect or irregularity in or in connection with the appointment of a member of the Board.

S. 25(8) amended by No. 61/1996 s. 18(2).

    (8)     Subject to this Act, the Board may regulate its own procedure.

S. 25A inserted by No. 61/1996 s. 19.

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