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Legal deposit

S. 49(1) amended by No. 61/1996 s. 29(b).

    (1)     A good copy of the whole of every new publication published in Victoria, other than a prescribed publication, must be deposited by or on behalf of the publisher in accordance with directions of the Board at a place or with a person determined by the Board within 2 months after the day on which the publication was first published.

    (2)     For the purposes of subsection (1), a new publication includes—

        (a)     a publication published for the first time; and

        (b)     revised, corrected, enlarged and abridged editions and other editions differing in content from the original publication; and

        (c)     different forms or formats of publications; and

        (d)     reprints of publications.

    (3)     A copy of a publication which must be deposited under subsection (1) must be delivered at the expense of the publisher and be clearly marked "Legal Deposit Copy".

S. 49(4) amended by No. 61/1996 s. 29(c).

    (4)     The Chief Executive Officer must acknowledge receipt of a publication deposited under subsection (1) within 14 days of delivery by notice in writing to the publisher or depositor.

    (5)     Acknowledgement under subsection (4) is not necessary in respect of any numbered serial publication other than the first issue of the publication deposited.

    (6)     A publication deposited under this section must include any containers, wrapping material, notices, instructions or other material generally accompanying the publication.

S. 49(7) amended by No. 61/1996 s. 29(b)(c).

    (7)     The Chief Executive Officer or other officer authorised by the Board may recover in a court of competent jurisdiction as a debt due to the Board from a publisher who neglects to deposit a publication as required by this section—

        (a)     the value of the publication which ought to have been deposited; and

        (b)     a sum not exceeding $200; and

        (c)     costs.

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