Victorian Current Acts

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   1.      Short title and commencement  
   2.      Purposes  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Metropolitan fire district  
   5.      Duties and powers of councils and public authorities in relation to fire  
   5A.     Municipal fire prevention officers and assistants  
   6.      Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board  
   7.      Functions of Board  
   7AA.    Duty to assist in major emergency  
   7A.     Objective  
   7AB.    Emergency Management Victoria  
   7AC.    Compliance with operational standards of Emergency Management Commissioner  
   7AD.    Report on compliance with operational standards developed by the Emergency Management Commissioner  
   7AE.    Strategic Action Plan  
   7B.     Compliance with incident management operating procedures  
   8.      Accountability of Board  
   9.      Constitution of the Board  
   10.     Term of appointment  
   11.     Remuneration and allowances  
   11A.    Rights of President in relation to the public service and superannuation  
   12.     Application of Public Administration Act 2004  
   13.     Vacancies  
   14.     Acting members  
   15.     Membership of Board not office or place of profit  
   16.     Decisions not affected by certain matters  
   17.     Immunity of members of Board  
   18.     Meetings of the Board  
   19.     Participation in meetings by telephone etc.  
   20.     Resolutions without meetings  
   21.     Conflicts of interest  
   24.     Power to purchase and sell property  
   24A.    Power to acquire land  
   24B.    Power of delegation  
   25A.    General powers of Board  
   25B.    Employees of Board  
   26.     Formation of units  
   27.     Copies of annual report and special report  
   28.     Chief Executive Officer  
   29.     Acting Chief Executive Officer  
   30.     Delegation of powers of Chief Executive Officer  
   31.     Chief Officer  
   31A.    Delegation of powers by Chief Officer  
   32.     Powers of Chief Officer  
   32AA.   Duty to warn the community  
   32A.    Meaning of alarm of fire  
   32B.    Action on alarm of fire  
   32C.    Destruction of building by Chief Officer  
   32D.    False alarm of fire  
   33.     False report of fire  
   34.     Power to make regulations  
   36.     Annual estimate of expenditure and revenue  
   37.     Contributions towards annual expenditure  
   46.     Borrowing by Board  
   47.     Power of Minister in case of default of Board  
   47A.    Guarantee of debentures etc. of Board  
   51.     Board may establish funds  
   51A.    Investment by Board  
   52.     Units to be registered  
   54.     Damage to be covered by fire insurance  
   54A.    Immunity from certain liabilities  
   55.     Board is a protection agency  
   55A.    Board may provide rescue and extrication services  
   55B.    Board may provide road accident rescue service  
   55C.    Board may provide protection services  
   55D.    Board may provide emergency prevention and response service  
   55E.    Activities outside metropolitan district  
   56.     Extension and application of Act  
   58.     Removal of persons from burning premises  
   59.     Rights to water  
   60.     Collection of contributions for units  
   61.     Police to aid Units  
   64.     Regulation of height of buildings  
   66A.    Recovery of charges for services  
   71.     Place where fire occurs  
   71A.    Restriction of access to fire area  
   72.     Board or unit may carry out fire prevention work  
   72A.    Interstate fire brigades and international fire brigades  
   75.     Documents signed by President or Deputy President to be evidence  
   75A.    Offences relating to impersonation  
   75B.    Damage or interference with fire indicator panel or other apparatus  
   75C.    Obstruction of officers and damage to apparatus  
   76A.    Evidence of ownership or occupancy  
   77.     Recovery and application of penalties  
   78.     Alarm monitoring service to provide prescribed information  
   78A.    Offences by officers or members  
   78B.    Laying of charges  
   78C.    Hearing of charges  
   78D.    Decision of Chief Executive Officer  
   78E.    Pay while suspended  
   79.     Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Appeals Commission  
   79A.    Function of the Commission  
   79B.    Membership of Commission  
   79C.    Term of appointment  
   79D.    Remuneration and allowances  
   79E.    Application of Public Administration Act 2004  
   79F.    Vacancies  
   79G.    Annual report of the Commission  
   79H.    Rights of appeal  
   79I.    Certain appeals to be by way of rehearing  
   79J.    Proceedings of the Commission  
   79K.    Assistants in proceedings  
   79L.    Procedure on appeal  
   79M.    Commission powers on appeal  
   79N.    Costs  
   79O.    Appeals against transfer  
   79P.    Promotion appeals  
   79Q.    Determination of Commission  
   79R.    Board and Chief Executive Officer  
   79S.    Evidence of determination  
   80.     Definition  
   81.     Entitlement to long service leave  
   81A.    Payment in lieu of long service leave  
   82.     Leave not to affect Board's activities  
   84.     Provision in case of death before or during long service leave  
   87.     Fire prevention notices  
   88.     Service of notices  
   89.     Objection to notices  
   90.     Appeal against notices  
   91.     Compliance with notices  
   92.     Fire prevention infringement notices  
   93.     Issue of notices by Chief Officer  
   94.     Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction  
   95.     Superseded references  
   96.     Metropolitan Fire Brigades Board  
   97.     Chief Fire Officer  
   98.     Transitional—appeals  
           SCHEDULE 2

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