Victorian Current Acts

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   1.      Purpose  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   3AA.    Meaning of affordable housing  
   3AB.    Order in Council specifying income ranges  
   3A.     Transport Integration Act 2010  
   4.      Objectives  
   4AA.    Obligations of Department Head in relation to Yarra River land  
   4AB.    Obligations of Department Head in relation to declared areas  
   4AC.    Obligations of Department Head in relation to the Great Ocean Road region  


   4A.     Victoria Planning Provisions  
   4B.     Amendment of Victoria Planning Provisions  
   4C.     Approval of amendment  
   4D.     Notice of approval  
   4E.     Commencement  
   4F.     Application of planning scheme provisions to amendments to VPPs  
   4G.     Lodging of Victoria Planning Provisions and approved amendments  
   4H.     Inspection and electronic publication of approved amendments  
   4I.     Who must keep and make available a copy of the Victoria Planning Provisions?  
   4J.     Amendment of planning schemes by Victoria Planning Provisions  


   5.      What are the planning schemes to which this Act applies?  
   6.      What can a planning scheme provide for?  
   6A.     Easements, restrictions etc.  
   6B.     Heritage buildings  
   7.      Structure of planning schemes[5]  
   8.      Minister is planning authority  
   8A.     Municipal council as planning authority for its municipal district  
   8B.     Municipal council as planning authority for area adjoining municipal district  
   8C.     Consent of the Suburban Rail Loop Minister required for authorisations of certain planning scheme amendments  
   8D.     Applications for planning amendment authorisations received before applicable Suburban Rail Loop planning area declarations  
   9.      Authorised Ministers and authorities are planning authorities  
   9A.     Suburban Rail Loop Authority is a planning authority  
   10.     Restrictions and powers relating to the preparation of amendments  
   12.     What are the duties and powers of planning authorities?  
   12B.    Review of planning schemes  
   13.     Responsible authority  
   14.     What are the duties of a responsible authority?  
   14A.    What are the duties of a referral authority?  
   15.     Changes in boundaries  
   16.     Application of planning scheme  


           Division 1--Exhibition and notice of amendment

   17.     Copies of amendment to be given to certain persons  
   18.     Availability of amendment  
   19.     What notice of an amendment must a planning authority give?  
   20.     Exemption from giving notice  
   20A.    Minister may determine to prepare prescribed amendments—exception to sections 17, 18 and 19  

           Division 2--Public submissions about an amendment

   21.     Who may make a submission?[11], [12]  
   21A.    Joint submissions[13]  
   22.     Planning authority to consider submissions[14]  
   23.     Decisions about submissions[15], [16]  
   24.     Hearing by panel  
   25.     Report by panel[17]  
   25A.    Recommendation by panel to Minister[18]  
   26.     Reports to be made public  
   27.     Planning authority to consider panel's report  
   28.     Abandonment of amendment  

           Division 3--Adoption and approval of amendment

   29.     Adoption of amendment  
   30.     When does an amendment lapse?  
   31.     Planning authority to submit amendment to Minister  
   32.     More notice  
   33.     Notice of changes  
   34.     Submissions  
   34A.    Amendments affecting land to which Suburban Rail Loop planning area declarations apply  
   35.     Approval of amendment by Minister  
   36.     Notice of approval  
   37.     Commencement of amendment  
   38.     Parliament may revoke an amendment  
   39.     Defects in procedure  

           Division 4--Availability of approved amendments and schemes

   40.     Lodging of approved amendment  
   41.     Who must keep a copy of an approved amendment for inspection?  
   42.     Who must keep a copy of a planning scheme?  

           Division 5--Special provisions

   43.     Roads on Crown land  
   44.     Roads on land other than Crown land  
   45.     Effect on easements for public utilities  
   46.     Planning schemes may apply to reserved land  


           Division 1--Compliance with Yarra Strategic Plan

   46AAA.  Responsible public entities to comply with Yarra Strategic Plan  

           Division 2--Ratification by Parliament for amendments to planning schemes

   46AAB.  To which amendments does this Division apply?  
   46AAC.  Ratification by Parliament required for amendments to which this Division applies  
   46AAD.  Procedure for ratification  
   46AAE.  Notice of ratification  
   46AAF.  When does a ratified amendment commence?  
   46AAG.  When does an amendment lapse?  
   46AAH.  Application of sections 40, 41 and 42  
   46AAI.  Application of Division 5 of Part 4  


           Division 1--Introductory

   46AA.   What is a metropolitan fringe planning scheme?  
   46AC.   What is green wedge land?  

           Division 3--Ratification by Parliament for amendments to planning schemes

   46AF.   To which amendments does this Division apply?  
   46AG.   Ratification by Parliament required for amendments to which this Division applies  
   46AH.   Procedure for ratification  
   46AI.   Notice of ratification  
   46AJ.   When does a ratified amendment commence?  
   46AK.   When does an amendment lapse?  
   46AL.   Application of sections 40, 41 and 42  
   46AM.   Application of Division 5 of Part 4  


           Division 1--Objects

   46AN.   Objects  

           Division 2--Declaration of distinctive areas and landscapes

   46AO.   Governor in Council may declare area to be a distinctive area and landscape  
   46AP.   Requirements for area to be declared as a distinctive area and landscape  
   46AQ.   Governor in Council may revoke declaration  
   46AR.   Procedure for ratification of revocation order  
   46AS.   When does a revocation order lapse?  

           Division 3--Statements of Planning Policy for distinctive areas and landscapes

   46AT.   Minister to develop Statement of Planning Policy for declared area  
   46AU.   Purpose of Statement of Planning Policy  
   46AV.   Contents of Statement of Planning Policy  
   46AW.   Consultation  
   46AX.   Endorsement of Statement of Planning Policy  
   46AY.   Approval of Statement of Planning Policy  
   46AZ.   Commencement of Statement of Planning Policy  
   46AZA.  Amendment of Statement of Planning Policy  
   46AZB.  Amendment of declared area planning scheme to give effect to Statement of Planning Policy  
   46AZC.  Amendment of declared area planning scheme  
   46AZD.  Protected settlement boundary amendment  
   46AZE.  Procedure for ratification of protected settlement boundary amendment  
   46AZF.  When does a protected settlement boundary amendment lapse?  
   46AZG.  Application of Act provisions to protected settlement boundary amendment  
   46AZH.  Application of Division 5 of Part 4 to protected settlement boundary amendment  
   46AZI.  Review of Statement of Planning Policy  

           Division 4--Interaction between specific legislation and Statement of Planning Policy

   46AZJ.  Specific legislation  

           Division 5--Duties of responsible public entities

   46AZK.  Responsible public entities not to act inconsistently with Statement of Planning Policy  
   46AZL.  Principles  

           Division 6--Transitional provision

   46AZM.  Transitional provision—Consultation in relation to Macedon Ranges Localised Planning Statement  


           Division 1--Compliance with Great Ocean Road strategic framework plan

   46AZN.  Responsible entities to comply with Great Ocean Road strategic framework plan  

           Division 2--Ratification by Parliament for amendments to Great Ocean Road scenic landscapes area planning scheme

   46AZO.  To which amendments does this Division apply?  
   46AZP.  Ratification by Parliament required for amendments to which this Division applies  
   46AZQ.  Procedure for ratification of amendment  
   46AZR.  When does an amendment lapse?  
   46AZS.  Application of Act provisions to amendment  
   46AZT.  Application of Division 5 of Part 4 to amendment  


   46A.    Definitions  
   46B.    Saving of approved regional strategy plan and amending plans  
   46C.    Amendment of strategy plan  
   46D.    Approval of Parliament needed after appointed day  
   46E.    Availability of amendment  
   46F.    Planning schemes to comply with approved regional strategy plan  
   46G.    Works to be in conformity with approved regional strategy plan  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   46GA.   Definitions  
   46GB.   Meaning of ICP land contribution percentage  
   46GC.   Meaning of infrastructure contribution  
   46GD.   Meaning of monetary component  
   46GE.   Meaning of land component  
   46GF.   Meaning of land equalisation amount  

           Division 2--Infrastructure contributions plans

   46GG.   Infrastructure contributions plans  
   46GH.   Infrastructure contributions plans not to apply to certain growth area land for provision of State infrastructure  
   46GI.   Contents of infrastructure contributions plans  

           Division 3--Directions of Minister

   46GJ.   Directions of Minister  
   46GK.   Planning authorities must comply with directions of Minister  

           Division 4--Valuation and dispute resolution process for inner public purpose land

   46GL.   Definitions  
   46GM.   Application of Division  
   46GN.   Planning authority must arrange for estimates of values of inner public purpose land  
   46GO.   Planning authority must give notice to owners of certain inner public purpose land  
   46GP.   Notice under section 46GO to be given to affected owners and collecting agency  
   46GQ.   Affected owner may make submission on estimated value of inner public purpose land  
   46GR.   Planning authority must consider submission  
   46GS.   Decision about submissions  
   46GT.   Valuer-general must hold conference to determine value of inner public purpose land  
   46GU.   Infrastructure contributions plan must be consistent with estimated value of public purpose land  

           Division 5--Imposition and collection of infrastructure contribution

   46GV.   Imposition of infrastructure contribution  
   46GW.   Payment of land credit amounts  
   46GX.   Collecting agency may accept works, services or facilities in satisfaction of monetary component  

           Division 6--Responsibilities of collecting agencies and development agencies

   46GY.   Responsibilities of the collecting agency to keep proper accounts and records  
   46GZ.   Other responsibilities of the collecting agency  
   46GZA.  Responsibility of a development agency to keep accounts and records  
   46GZB.  Other responsibilities of a development agency  

           Division 7--Responsibilities of collecting agencies and development agencies if infrastructure contributions not expended

   46GZC.  Application of Division  
   46GZD.  Responsibility of collecting agency and development agency if monetary component not expended within life of a plan  
   46GZE.  Responsibility of collecting agency and development agency if land equalisation amount not expended within life of a plan  
   46GZF.  Responsibility of collecting agency and development agency if public purpose land is no longer required  

           Division 8--General

   46GZG.  Appropriation of Consolidated Fund  
   46GZH.  Recovery of monetary component or land equalisation amount of infrastructure contribution as a debt  
   46GZI.  Reporting requirements of collecting agencies and development agencies  
   46GZJ.  Minister to report annually  
   46GZK.  Collecting agency or development agency may deal with public purpose land under this Part  


   46H.    Definitions  
   46I.    Development contributions plan  
   46IA.   Plans not to apply to certain growth area land for provision of State infrastructure  
   46J.    What can a plan provide for?  
   46K.    Contents of plan  
   46L.    Community infrastructure levy not to exceed maximum  
   46LA.   Adjusted maximum dwelling amount  
   46LB.   Adjustment of dwelling amount specified in an approved development contributions plan  
   46LC.   Adjusted payable dwelling amount  
   46M.    Directions  
   46N.    Collection of development infrastructure levy  
   46O.    Collection of community infrastructure levy  
   46P.    Provisions applying to collection of levies  
   46Q.    Responsibilities of municipal councils  
   46QA.   Responsibilities of collecting agencies  
   46QB.   Responsibilities of development agencies  
   46QC.   Recovery of levy as debt  
   46QD.   Reporting requirements of collecting agencies and development agencies  


   46R.    Definitions  
   46S.    Melbourne Airport Environs Area  
   46T.    Preparation of strategy plan  
   46U.    Approval of Parliament needed  
   46V.    Availability of amendment  
   46W.    Amendment of approved strategy plan  
   46X.    Planning schemes to comply with approved strategy plan  
   46Y.    Works to be in conformity with approved strategy plan  


   46Z.    Purpose of Part  
   46ZA.   Definitions  
   46ZB.   Williamstown Shipyard Site  
   46ZC.   Preparation of Williamstown Shipyard Site Strategy Plan  
   46ZD.   Procedure for making of Williamstown Shipyard Site Strategy Plan  
   46ZE.   Approval of Parliament needed  
   46ZF.   Availability of approved strategy plan  
   46ZG.   Amendments to approved strategy plan  
   46ZH.   Amendment of planning schemes  


           Division 1--Permits required by planning schemes

   47.     Applications for permits  
   48.     What if the applicant is not the owner?  
   49.     Responsible authority to keep register  
   50.     Amendment to application at request of applicant before notice  
   50A.    Amendment of application by responsible authority before notice  
   51.     Applications to be made available to the public  
   52.     Notice of application  
   53.     What are the duties of applicants?  
   54.     More information  
   54A.    Applicant may apply for extension of time to provide more information  
   54B.    When does an application lapse?  
   55.     Application to go to referral authorities  
   56.     Action by referral authority on application  
   56A.    Referral authority to keep register  
   57.     Objections to applications for permits  
   57A.    Amendments to application after notice of application is given  
   57B.    Notice of amended application  
   57C.    Amended application may go to referral authorities  
   58.     Responsible authority to consider all applications  
   58A.    Responsible authority may request advice from Planning Application Committee  
   59.     Time for decision  
   60.     What matters must a responsible authority consider?  
   61.     Decision on application  
   61A.    Decisions where responsible authority is a council officer  
   62.     What conditions can be put on permits?  
   63.     Grant of permit if no objectors  
   64.     Grant of permit if there are objectors  
   64A.    Grant of permit—recommending referral authority objected or recommended condition that was not included  
   65.     Refusal of permit  
   66.     Notice to referral authority  
   67.     When does a permit begin?  
   68.     When does a permit expire?  
   68A.    Expiration of permits for extractive industry  
   69.     Extension of time  
   70.     Availability of permit  
   71.     Correction of mistakes  

           Division 1A--Amendment of permits by responsible authority

   72.     Application for amendment of permit  
   73.     What is the procedure for the application?  
   74.     Issue of amended permit if no objectors  
   75.     Decision to amend permit if there are objectors  
   75A.    Decision to amend permit if recommending referral authority objected to or recommended condition that was not included  
   76.     Refusal of amendment  
   76A.    Notice to referral authority  
   76B.    When does an amendment to a permit begin?  
   76C.    Review of decision on amendment  
           Division 2 (with any necessary changes) applies to an application for an amendment of a permit and an amendment of a permit as if--
   76D.    Powers of Minister in relation to application  

           Division 2--Reviews by Tribunal

   77.     Applications for review of refusals to grant permits  
   78.     Applications for review of requirements  
   79.     Applications for review of failures to grant permits  
   80.     Applications for review of conditions on permits  
   81.     Applications for review relating to extensions of time  
   82.     Applications for review where objectors  
   82AAA.  Request for review by recommending referral authority  
   82AA.   Applications for review—marine and coastal Crown land  
   82B.    Affected person may seek leave to apply for review  
   83.     Parties to review  
   83A.    Objectors entitled to notice  
   83AB.   Recommending referral authority entitled to notice  
   83B.    Notice if permit application was made without notice  
   84.     An application may be determined after an appeal has been lodged  
   84A.    Parties not restricted to grounds previously notified  
   84AB.   Tribunal may confine review with agreement  
   84B.    Matters for Tribunal to take into account  
   85.     Determination of applications  
   86.     Issue of permit  

           Division 3--Cancellation and amendment of permits by Tribunal

   87.     What are the grounds for cancellation or amendment of permits?  
   87A.    Cancellation or amendment of permit issued at direction of Tribunal  
   88.     What are the limits on the power to cancel or amend a permit?  
   89.     Request for cancellation or amendment  
   90.     Hearing by Tribunal  
   90A.    Matters which Tribunal must take into account  
   91.     Determination by Tribunal  
   92.     Notice of the cancellation or amendment  
   93.     Order to stop development  
   94.     Right to compensation  

           Division 4--Provisions relating to Ministers, government departments and responsible authorities

   95.     Permits required by Ministers or government departments  
   96.     Land owned or permit required by responsible authorities  

           Division 5--Combined permit and amendment process[22]

   96A.    Application for permit when amendment requested  
   96B.    Application of provisions  
   96C.    Notice of amendment, application and permit  
   96D.    Hearing by panel  
   96E.    Report by panel on proposed permit  
   96F.    Planning authority to consider panel's report  
   96G.    Determination by planning authority  
   96H.    Recommendation by planning authority  
   96I.    Minister may grant permit on approval of amendment  
   96J.    Issue of permit  
   96K.    Notice of refusal  
   96L.    Cancellation of permit  
   96M.    Application of provisions  
   96N.    Who is to be the responsible authority?  

           Division 5A--Metropolitan Planning Levy

   96O.    Imposition of levy  
   96P.    What is a leviable planning permit application?  
   96Q.    Amount of levy  
   96R.    CPI adjusted amount  
   96S.    Notification and payment of levy  
   96T.    Levy certificate  
   96U.    Revised levy certificate  
   96V.    No refund of levy except in cases of mathematical error  
   96W.    Commissioner's functions and powers  
   96X.    Prohibition on certain disclosures of information by Commissioner etc.  
   96Y.    Permitted disclosures  
   96Z.    Responsible authority or planning authority to keep levy certificate  

           Division 6--Powers of Minister in relation to applications

   97B.    Call in power  
   97C.    Request by responsible authority  
   97D.    Referral of applications to Minister  
   97E.    Panel  
   97F.    Decision of Minister  
   97G.    Notice of availability  
   97H.    Effect of issue of permit  
   97I.    Application for amendment of permit  
   97J.    Decision on amendment  
   97K.    Notice of decision  
   97L.    Register  
   97M.    Provisions of Act not to apply  
           Divisions 2 and 3 of this Part and section 149A do not apply in relation to--


   97MA.   Planning Application Committee  
   97MB.   Membership of Planning Application Committee  
   97MC.   Functions of the Planning Application Committee  
   97MD.   Proceedings of Planning Application Committee  
   97ME.   Subcommittees  
   97MF.   Delegation to subcommittee  
   97MG.   Payment of members of Committee and subcommittees  
   97MH.   Responsible authority to assist Planning Application Committee  
   97MI.   Responsible authority to contribute to costs of Planning Application Committee  


   97N.    Application for certificate  
   97O.    Certificate of compliance  
   97P.    Review of failure or refusal to issue certificate  
   97Q.    Cancellation or amendment of certificate  
   97R.    Register  


   98AAA.  Part 5 to not apply to inner public purpose land  
   98AA.   Definitions  
   98.     Right to compensation  
   99.     When does the right to compensation arise?  
   100.    Increased compensation for effect on residence  
   101.    Claim for expenses  
   102.    What if compensation has been previously paid?  
   103.    Small claims  
   104.    Maximum amount of compensation payable  
   104A.   Actual zoning of land may be considered in determining compensation  
   105.    Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986 to apply  
   106.    Loss on sale  
   107.    Compensation for removal or lapsing of reservation  
   108.    Persons who are not eligible to claim compensation  
   109.    When is compensation payable by other authorities?  
   110.    Compensation paid to be noted on title  
   111.    Recovery of compensation previously paid  
   112.    Reimbursement of compensation paid  
   113.    Declaration of proposed reservation  


           Division 1--Enforcement orders

   114.    Application for enforcement order  
   115.    Notice of application  
   116.    Determination of Tribunal where no objections  
   117.    Determination of Tribunal where objections are received  
   119.    What can an enforcement order provide for?  
   120.    Interim enforcement orders  
   121.    Cancellation of enforcement order or interim enforcement order  
   122.    Offences  
   123.    Responsible authority may carry out work  
   124.    Orders to bind future owners and occupiers  
   125.    Injunctions  

           Division 2--Offences and penalties

   126.    Offence to contravene scheme, permit or agreement  
   127.    General penalties  
   128.    Criminal liability of officers of bodies corporate—failure to exercise due diligence  
   129.    Penalties to be paid to prosecuting authority  
   130.    Planning infringements  

           Division 2A--Order prohibiting the use or development of land under this Act and the Building Act 1993 for period of time

   131.    Order prohibiting the use or development of land for period of time  
   132.    Effect of Order  
   132A.   Nothing in Order prevents emergency order  

           Division 3--Powers of entry

   133.    Powers of entry  
   134.    What must be done before entry?  
   135.    Powers of authorised persons who enter land  
   136.    Police to assist authorised persons  
   137.    Offence to obstruct  
   138.    No legal proceedings against authorised persons  

           Division 4--Evidence and notices

   139.    Evidence of ownership  
   140.    Proof of existence and contents of planning scheme  
   141.    Evidence of planning scheme provisions and permits  
   142.    Evidence of agreements under section 173  
   143.    Constitution and procedure of planning authority or responsible authority  
   144.    Evidence of minutes  
   145.    Notices and service of orders  
   146.    Copies of schemes and amendments  
   147.    General provisions  

           Division 5--Applications to Tribunal

   148.    Definitions  
   149.    Application for review  
   149A.   Application by certain persons for declarations  
   149B.   General application for declaration  
   150.    Tribunal orders in relation to proceedings  


   151.    Advisory committees  
   152.    Powers of advisory committee  


           Division 1--Appointment of panels

   153.    Appointment of panels  
   154.    Composition of panels  
   155.    Chairperson  
   156.    Costs and expenses of panel  
   157.    Panels with more than one member  
   158.    Planning authority to provide assistance  
   158AA.  Terms of reference for panels relating to Suburban Rail Loop program  

           Division 1A--Directions panel

   158A.   Appointment of directions panel  
   158B.   Directions by directions panel  

           Division 2--Hearings

   159.    Directions about hearings  
   160.    Hearings to be in public  
   160A.   Hearings may be conducted in person or by audio link or audio visual link  
   161.    General procedure for hearings  
   162.    Who may appear before a panel?  
   163.    Effect of failure to attend hearing  
   164.    Panel may hear two or more submissions together  
   165.    Adjournment of hearings  
   166.    Technical defects  
   167.    Panel may regulate its own proceedings  
   168.    Panel may take into account any relevant matter  
   169.    Offences  
   170.    Immunity for panel members  


           Division 1--General powers

   171.    Powers of responsible authority  
   172.    Powers of compulsory acquisition  

           Division 1A--Compulsory acquisition of public purpose land specified in infrastructure contributions plans

   172A.   Definitions in this Division  
   172B.   Application of Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986  
   172C.   Development agency may acquire outer public purpose land  
   172D.   Collecting agency or development agency may acquire inner public purpose land  
   172E.   Application of this Subdivision  
   172F.   Amount of compensation payable to owner of inner public purpose land  
   172G.   Owner of inner public purpose land not entitled to compensation under the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986  

           Division 2--Agreements[25]

   173.    Responsible authority may enter into agreements  
   174.    Form and contents of agreement  
   175.    Bonds and guarantees  
   176.    When does an agreement begin?  
   177.    When does an agreement end?  
   178.    Amendment of agreements  
   178A.   Proposal to amend or end agreement  
   178B.   Matters to be considered in considering proposal to amend or end agreement  
   178C.   Notice of proposal  
   178D.   Objections and submissions to responsible authority  
   178E.   Decision to amend or end agreement  
   178F.   Notice of decision to amend or end agreement  
   178G.   Copy of amended agreement to be given to parties  
   178H.   Responsible authority may require payment of costs  
   178I.   When does the amendment or ending of an agreement take effect?  
   179.    Responsible authority to keep and make available a copy of agreement  
   180.    Agreement may not breach planning scheme  
   181.    Recording of agreement  
   182.    Effect of recording  
   182A.   New parties to an agreement  
   183.    Cancellation or alteration of recording  
   184.    Application to Tribunal  
   184A.   Application to Tribunal by applicant in relation to decisions under Subdivision 2  
   184B.   Application to Tribunal by party to agreement  
   184C.   Application to Tribunal by objector  
   184D.   Application to Tribunal by affected person  
   184E.   Objectors entitled to notice  
   184F.   Application to amend or end agreement may be determined after application for review lodged  
   184G.   Determination of application  

           Division 3--Powers of Minister

   185.    Inquiry powers  
   185A.   Expedition of planning process  
   185B.   Power to request contact details  

           Division 4--Delegation

   186AA.  Interpretation  
   186.    Minister may delegate some powers  
   187.    Secretary may delegate powers to employees  
   188.    Planning authorities and responsible authorities may delegate powers  
   188A.   Victorian Planning Authority may delegate powers  
   189.    Minister may delegate to advisory committees and regional planning authorities  
   190.    Minister may delegate administration of planning schemes  

           Division 5--Hearings

   191.    Appointment of committee  
   192.    Who may be on the committee?  
   193.    Who may attend the hearing?  
   194.    Functions of committee  
   195.    Effect of hearing  
   196.    Fees and allowances  

           Division 6--Time

   197.    Expedition  

           Division 6A--Publication and inspection of documents and register requirements

   197A.   Public availability requirements  
   197B.   In person inspection requirements  
   197C.   Electronic publication requirements  
   197D.   On request inspection requirements  
   197E.   Electronic register requirements  
   197F.   Electronic disclosure of certain personal information in permits and other documents  
   197G.   Electronic disclosure of certain personal information on registers  
   197H.   Exception to compliance with certain inspection requirements when an emergency declaration is in force  

           Division 7--Planning certificates

   198.    Application for planning certificate  
   199.    Planning certificates  
   200.    Certificate to be proof of certain matters  
   201.    Underlying zoning  

           Division 8--Change of responsible authority or area

   201A.   What if the responsible authority changes?  
   201B.   What if area of planning scheme changes?  
   201C.   Changes to schemes arising from changes to municipal boundaries  
   201CA.  Change in boundary of Port of Melbourne Area  

           Division 9--Supreme Court--limitation of jurisdiction

   201D.   Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction[26]  


   201E.   Definitions  
   201F.   Declaration of project  
   201G.   Delegation  
   201H.   Acquisition by agreement  
   201I.   Powers of compulsory acquisition  
   201J.   Secretary's powers to dispose of land  
   201K.   Recommendation of closure of roads  
   201L.   Order for closure of road  
   201M.   Temporary closure of road  
   201N.   Recommendation for removal of easements and restrictions  
   201O.   Order for removal of easement or restriction  
   201P.   Compensation  
   201Q.   Action by Registrar of Titles and Registrar-General  


           Division 1--Introductory

   201R.   Definitions  
   201RAA. Minister may declare growth area  
   201RA.  GAIC events  
   201RB.  Excluded events  
   201RC.  Contribution area  
   201RD.  What is a sub-sale of dutiable property?  
   201RE.  What is a significant acquisition?  
   201RF.  Excluded subdivisions of land  
   201RG.  Excluded building work  
   201RH.  Taxation Administration Act 1997  
   201RI.  Part binds the Crown  

           Division 2--Imposition of growth areas infrastructure contribution

   201S.   Imposition of growth areas infrastructure contribution  
   201SA.  Circumstances where GAIC not imposed  
   201SB.  Liability for GAIC taken not to have arisen in certain circumstances  
   201SC.  Liability for GAIC arising when GAIC event occurs  
   201SD.  Liability for GAIC arising after GAIC event occurs  
   201SE.  Time of occurrence of GAIC event  
   201SF.  Persons liable to pay GAIC  
   201SG.  Amount of GAIC  
   201SGA. Apportionment of GAIC on issue of statement of compliance  
   201SH.  Minister may fix lower increase in GAIC  
   201SI.  Governor in Council may fix lower GAIC  
   201SJ.  Instrument or statement must be lodged evidencing dutiable transaction  
   201SK.  Acquisition statement  
   201SL.  When and to whom the GAIC is payable  
   201SLA. Refund of GAIC if land no longer in contribution area  
   201SLB. Minister may enter into agreements  
   201SLC. Matters to be included in a work-in-kind agreement  
   201SLD. Work-in-kind agreement may contain restriction on land dealings  
   201SLE. Copy of work-in-kind agreement must be given to Commissioner and Victorian Planning Authority  
   201SLF. Amendment of work-in-kind agreement  
   201SLG. Ending of work-in-kind agreement  
   201SLH. Work-in-kind agreements to be recorded by Registrar of Titles  
   201SLI. Restrictions on dealings with land  
   201SLJ. Entering into a work-in-kind agreement does not discharge GAIC  
   201SLK. Person must notify the Victorian Planning Authority of performance of agreement  
   201SLL. Victorian Planning Authority must determine whether agreement has been performed  
   201SLM. Performance of work-in-kind agreement taken to be payment of GAIC  
   201SLN. Person in default if work-in-kind agreement not performed by due date  
   201SM.  Person may elect to defer payment of GAIC  
   201SMAA.Liability to pay deferred GAIC in relation to subsequent dutiable transactions  
   201SMA. Indexation and interest applying to deferred GAIC  
   201SN.  Method of calculating indexation of deferred GAIC  
   201SO.  Interest payable on deferred GAIC  
   201SOA. Remission of interest by Commissioner  
   201SOB. Removal of liability for GAIC if land ceases to be in contribution area  
   201SOC. Apportionment of GAIC on issue of statement of compliance  
   201SP.  Deferred GAIC and interest must be paid to Commissioner by due date  
   201SPAA.Time for payment of apportioned and deferred GAIC on public purpose land subdivision  
   201SPA. Default on payment of deferred GAIC  
   201SQ.  Deferred GAIC becomes a charge on the land  
   201SR.  Approval by Minister for staged payment of GAIC for subdivisions or building works  
   201SRA. Subsequent owner of land in respect of which approval granted liable to pay GAIC  
   201SS.  Time for paying GAIC does not apply if approval for staged payment  
   201ST.  Interest payable on GAIC subject to staged payment  
   201SU.  Minister must give person notice of staged payment approval  
   201SV.  Staged payment approval payments to be paid to Commissioner  
   201SW.  GAIC subject to staged payment is a charge on land  
   201SX.  Commissioner to give certain certificates to persons relating to their GAIC liability  
   201SY.  Certificate of release  
   201SZ.  Certificate of deferral  
   201SZA. Certificate of staged payment approval  
   201SZB. Certificate of partial release  
   201SZC. Certificate of exemption  
   201SZD. Certificate of no GAIC liability  
   201SZE. Certificates issued under this Subdivision  
   201SZF. GAIC certificate  
   201SZG. Notice to Registrar regarding registration of subdivision or transfer of land  
   201SZH. Commissioner may seek assistance for issuing certificates  
   201SZI. Certificate not to be taken as an assessment  
   201SZJ. Commissioner to pay GAIC into Consolidated Fund  

           Division 3--Exemptions and reductions of GAIC liability

   201T.   Definition  
   201TA.  Exemption from paying GAIC if no consideration  
   201TB.  Exemption from paying GAIC if duties exemption would apply  
   201TC.  Exemption from paying GAIC for land dealings involving public authorities and councils  
   201TD.  Exemption for transfer of land by owner to superannuation fund or to beneficiaries  
   201TE.  Governor in Council may grant reduction or exemption of GAIC in exceptional circumstances  
   201TF.  Reduction of GAIC if agreement to provide State infrastructure or funds  
   201TG.  Notice of determination of application  
   201TH.  Person liable to pay GAIC may apply to Board for relief  
   201TI.  Vendor of land subject to GAIC may apply to Board for relief  
   201TJ.  Relief granted by Board  
   201TK.  Board must give notice of determination  
   201TL.  Determination of Board not to be taken as an assessment  
   201TM.  Establishment and procedure of Board  

           Division 4--Powers and duties ofVictorian Planning Authority, Commissioner and Registrar of Titles regarding GAIC

   201U.   Victorian Planning Authority to keep record of contribution area  
   201UA.  Access to records and information relating to GAIC  
   201UAA. Victorian Planning Authority to inform Commissioner when precinct structure plan applies to contribution area land  
   201UAB. Victorian Planning Authority may request council to provide information about contribution area land  
   201UB.  Victorian Planning Authority to notify the Registrar of land subject to GAIC  
   201UC.  Application to remove recording on land relating to GAIC  
   201UD.  Registrar to make a recording on land that may be subject to GAIC  
   201UE.  Registrar to remove recordings on land not subject to GAIC  
   201UF.  No entitlement to compensation in connection with Registrar's duties  
   201UG.  Registrar not to accept transfer unless accompanied by notice or application from Commissioner or Victorian Planning Authority  

           Division 5--Growth areas funds

   201V.   Establishment of growth areas funds  
   201VA.  Application of Growth Areas Public Transport Fund  
   201VB.  Application of Building New Communities Fund  
   201VC.  Department and Victorian Planning Authority to report on GAIC and growth area funds  


   202.    General regulation-making powers  
   203.    Fees regulations  


   206.    Savings generally  
   207.    Schemes and orders  
   208.    Permits  
   211.    Savings for permits issued in accordance with revoked scheme or order  
   212.    Savings for appeals determined in accordance with revoked scheme or order  
   213.    Transitional provisions  
   214.    Transitional provisions  
   215.    Transitional—Planning and Environment (General Amendment) Act 2004  
   216.    Transitional—Amendment of permits  
   217.    Transitional—Planning and Environment Amendment Act 2007  
   218.    Transitional provisions—Planning and Environment Amendment (Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution) Act 2011  
   220.    Transitional provisions—Duties Amendment (Landholder) Act 2012  
   220A.   Transitional provision—Planning and Environment Amendment (Growth Areas Authority and Miscellaneous) Act 2013  
   220B.   Transitional provision—Planning and Environment Amendment (Growth Areas Authority and Miscellaneous) Act 2013  
   221.    Transitional provisions—Planning and Environment Amendment (General) Act 2013  
   222.    Transitional provisions—State Taxation Acts Further Amendment Act 2016  
   223.    Transitional provisions—Victorian Planning Authority Act 2017  
   225.    Transitional provision—Project Development and Construction Management Amendment Act 2020  
   226.    Transitional provisions about publication and inspection requirements—Planning and Environment Amendment Act 2021  
   227.    Transitional provision about directions—Planning and Environment Amendment Act 2021  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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