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Court order for completion of approved safe driving program

    (1)     Subject to subsections (2) and (3), the court must order that a person complete an approved safe driving program if—

        (a)     the person is found guilty of an applicable offence; and

        (b)     in relation to the offence—

S. 84BL(1)
(b)(i) amended by No. 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 147.29).

              (i)     a motor vehicle has been impounded or immobilised by a police officer under Division 2 of Part 6A; or

              (ii)     a motor vehicle has been impounded, immobilised or forfeited under a court order made under Division 3 of Part 6A.

    (2)     The court must not order that a person complete an approved safe driving program if the person provides to the court written evidence of having already completed an approved safe driving program provided by an approved provider.

    (3)     In exceptional circumstances, the court may exempt a person from completing an approved safe driving program.

    (4)     A person may apply to the court for an exemption under subsection (3)—

        (a)     at the hearing of the charge for the applicable offence; or

        (b)     at any time after the court has made an order under subsection (1).

S. 84BL(5) amended by No. 49/2019 s. 116(Sch.  1 item 164).

    (5)     The court must notify the Secretary of—

        (a)     the making of an order under subsection (1); or

        (b)     the granting of an exemption under subsection (3).

S. 84BM (Heading) amended by No. 49/2019 s. 116(Sch.  1 item 165).

S. 84BM inserted by No. 50/2012 s. 5, amended by No. 49/2019 s. 116(Sch.  1 item 166).

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