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General regulation making powers

    (1)     The Governor in Council may make regulations for or with respect to—

        (a)     requiring records of prescribed activities, matters or things to be kept by prescribed persons;

S. 110(1)(b) substituted by No. 47/2006 s. 45(3).

        (b)     requiring notice of, reports and information about, prescribed activities, matters or things to be given to the Safety Director or a transport safety officer;

S. 110(1)(ba) inserted by No. 47/2006 s. 45(3).

        (ba)     the content, manner and form of a notice, reports and information referred to in paragraph (b) to be given to the Safety Director or a transport safety officer;

S. 110(1)(bb) inserted by No. 47/2006 s. 45(3), substituted by No. 69/2007 s. 66.

        (bb)     matters or things safety interface agreements may provide for;

S. 110(1)(bc) inserted by No. 47/2006 s. 45(3), amended by No. 23/2013 s. 102(1).

        (bc)     requiring a rail transport operator to undertake reviews about railway operations the rail transport operator carries out, including—

              (i)     the subject matter of the reviews;

S. 110(1)
(bc)(ii) amended by No. 23/2013 s. 102(1)(a).

              (ii)     requiring the rail transport operator to give reports to the Safety Director of findings made in the reviews;

        (c)     fees for the purposes of this Act and the refund or waiver of such fees;

S. 110(1)(ca) inserted by No. 23/2013 s. 102(2).

        (ca)     prescribing forms to be used for the purposes of this Act;

        (d)     any matter or thing required or permitted by this Act to be prescribed or necessary to be prescribed to give effect to this Act.

    (2)     Regulations made under this Act—

        (a)     may be of general or limited application; and

        (b)     may differ according to differences in time, place or circumstance; and

        (c)     may require a matter affected by the regulations to be—

              (i)     in accordance with a specified standard or specified requirement; or

              (ii)     approved by or to the satisfaction of a specified person or a specified class of person; or

              (iii)     as specified in both subparagraphs (i) and (ii); and

        (d)     may apply, adopt or incorporate any matter contained in any document whether—

              (i)     wholly or partially or as amended by the regulations; or

              (ii)     as in force at a particular time or as in force from time to time; and

        (e)     may confer a discretionary authority or impose a duty on a specified person or a specified class of person; and

        (f)     may provide in a specified case or class of case for the exemption of persons or things or a class of persons or things from any of the provisions of the regulations, whether unconditionally or on specified conditions and either wholly or to such an extent as is specified; and

        (g)     may impose a penalty not exceeding 20 penalty units for a contravention of the regulations; and

S. 110(2)(h) amended by No. 23/2013 s. 102(3).

        (h)     may provide that an application may be made to VCAT for the review of a decision made under the regulations.

    (3)     A power conferred by this Act to make regulations providing for the imposition of fees may be exercised by providing for all or any of the following matters—

        (a)     specific fees;

        (b)     maximum or minimum fees;

        (c)     maximum and minimum fees;

        (d)     the payment of fees either generally or under specified conditions or in specified circumstances;

        (e)     the reduction, waiver or refund, in whole or in part, of the fees.

    (4)     If under subsection (3)(e) regulations provide for a reduction, waiver or refund, in whole or in part, of a fee, the reduction, waiver or refund may be expressed to apply either generally or specifically—

        (a)     in respect of certain accreditations or classes of accreditations; or

        (b)     in respect of certain audits of medical records under section 30 or classes of such audits; or

        (c)     in respect of certificates of compliance referred to in section 108 or classes of such certificates; or

        (d)     when an event happens; or

        (e)     in respect of certain persons or classes of persons; or

        (f)     in respect of any combination of such accreditations, audits, certificates, events or persons

and may be expressed to apply subject to specified conditions or in the discretion of any specified person or body.

Pt 10 (Heading and ss 111–129) amended by No. 47/2006 ss 46–51, 53, repealed by No. 6/2010 s. 203(1)
(Sch. 6 item 40.6) (as amended by No. 45/2010 s. 22),
new Pt 10 (Heading and s. 111) inserted by No. 23/2013 s. 104.

Part 10—Savings and transitionals—Transport Legislation Amendment (Rail Safety Local Operations and Other Matters) Act 2013

New s. 111 inserted by No. 23/2013 s. 104.

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