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Breach of duty notice

    (1)     A person to whom a duty is owed under a duty provision or that person's agent, may give a breach of duty notice to a person in breach of that duty.

    (2)     A notice under subsection (1) must—

        (a)     specify the breach; and

S. 208(2)(b) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 227(1) (as amended by No. 47/2019 s. 80).

        (b)     give details of the loss or damage, if any, caused by the breach; and

        (c)     require the person, within the required time after receiving the notice—

S. 208(2)(c)(i) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 227(2)(a) (as amended by No. 47/2019 s. 80).

              (i)     to remedy the breach if possible; and

S. 208(2)(c)(ii) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 227(2)(b) (as amended by No. 47/2019 s. 80).

              (ii)     to compensate the person to whom the duty is owed, if the breach has resulted in loss or damage to that person; and

        (d)     state that the person in breach must not commit a similar breach again; and

S. 208(2)(e) substituted by No. 45/2002 s. 88(a).

        (e)     state that if the notice is not complied with—

              (i)     an application for compensation or a compliance order may be made to the Tribunal; or

S. 208(2)(e)(ii) amended by Nos 67/2010 s. 12(a), 45/2018 s. 240A(Sch.  1 item 6) (as amended by No. 47/2019 ss 83, 90).

              (ii)     if section 91ZF or 207U (as the case requires) applies, a notice of intention to vacate may be given; or

S. 208(2)(e)(iii) amended by Nos 67/2010 s. 12(b), 45/2018 s. 240A(Sch.  1 item 7) (as amended by No. 47/2019 ss 8390).

              (iii)     if section 91ZP, 142ZH, 206AX or 207ZB (as the case requires) applies, a notice to vacate may be given; and

        (f)     be in writing; and

Note to s. 208(2)(f) inserted by No. 45/2018 s. 227(3).


Section 506(1)(da) provides that a document to be served on or given to a person under this Act may be served or given by electronic communication in accordance with the Electronic Transactions (Victoria) Act 2000 .

        (g)     be addressed to the person allegedly in breach of the duty or his or her agent; and

S. 208(2)(h) amended by No. 45/2002 s. 88(b).

        (h)     be signed by the person to whom the duty is owed or by that person's agent.

S. 209 amended by No. 67/2010 s. 78 (ILA s. 39B(1)).

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