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SDA provider's liability for various utility charges

    (1)     An SDA provider is liable for—

        (a)     the installation costs and charges in respect of the initial connection to an SDA enrolled dwelling of any electricity, water, gas, bottled gas or oil supply service; and

S. 498ZM(1)(b) amended by No. 19/2019 s. 178(1)(a).

        (b)     all charges related to the supply of sewerage services or the supply or use of drainage services to or at the SDA enrolled dwelling; and

S. 498ZM(1)(c) inserted by No. 19/2019 s. 178(1)(b).

        (c)     all rates, taxes or charges payable under any Act other than charges payable by the SDA resident under this Part.

S. 498ZM(2) inserted by No. 19/2019 s. 178(2).

    (2)     If an SDA resident has been charged for excessive usage of a service at the SDA enrolled dwelling caused by a fault in infrastructure or any fixtures or buildings at or connected to the SDA enrolled dwelling, the SDA provider is liable for that part of the charge that is additional to an amount of ordinary usage by the SDA resident.


Excessive usage charges caused by a leak in the underground pipe of a water service connected to an SDA enrolled dwelling.

S. 498ZN inserted by No. 38/2018 s. 293, amended by No. 19/2019 s. 179.

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