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Residential rental provider's liability for various utility charges

S. 53(1) amended by Nos 47/2019 s. 93, 45/2018 s. 39(2)(a).

    (1)     Subject to section 53AA, a residential rental provider is liable for—

        (a)     the installation costs and charges in respect of the initial connection to rented premises of any electricity, water, gas, bottled gas or oil supply service;

S. 53(1)(ab) inserted by No. 45/2018 s. 39(2)(b).

        (ab)     all rates, taxes or charges payable under any Act other than charges payable by the renter under this Division;

S. 53(1)(b) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 39(2)(c).

        (b)     all charges in respect of the supply or use of electricity, gas (except bottled gas) or oil by the renter at rented premises that are not separately metered;

        (c)     all charges arising from a water supply service to separately metered rented premises that are not based on the amount of water supplied to the premises;

S. 53(1)(d) substituted by No. 45/2018 s. 39(2)(d).

        (d)     water charges in respect of rented premises which are not separately metered, including—

              (i)     all sewage disposal charges imposed by a water corporation under the Water Act 1989 ; and

              (ii)     all costs and charges related to a water supply service; and

              (iii)     water supplied to the rented premises;

S. 53(1)(e) amended by No. 17/2012 s. 94(2), repealed by No. 45/2018 s. 39(2)(e).

    *     *     *     *     *

        (f)     all charges related to the supply of sewerage services or the supply or use of drainage services to or at the rented premises;

S. 53(1)(g) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 39(2)(f).

        (g)     all charges related to the supply or hire of gas bottles to the rented premises;

S. 53(1)(h) inserted by No. 45/2018 s. 39(2)(g).

        (h)     any other prescribed charges.

S. 53(2) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 39(3).

    (2)     A residential rental provider may agree to take over liability for any cost or charge for which the renter is liable under section 52.

S. 53(3) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 39(4).

    (3)     An agreement under subsection (2) must be in writing and be signed by the residential rental provider.

S. 53A inserted by No. 45/2018 s. 40 (as amended by No. 47/2019 s. 97).

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