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S. 70(1) substituted by No. 45/2018 s. 58(1).

    (1)     A residential rental provider must ensure that all external doors able to be secured with a functioning deadlock at rented premises, other than any screen door attached to an external door, are secured with a functioning deadlock.

S. 70(1A) inserted by No. 45/2018 s. 58(1).

    (1A)     It is reasonable for a residential rental provider not to ensure an external door at rented premises is secured with a functioning deadlock if—

        (a)     another Act or law provides for a different type of lock or device for the premises; or

        (b)     the external door cannot be accessed because of another security barrier at the rented premises.

S. 70(1B) inserted by No. 45/2018 s. 58(1).

    (1B)     A residential rental provider must provide locks to secure all windows of the rented premises that are capable of having a lock.

S. 70(2) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 58(2).

    (2)     A party to a residential rental agreement who changes any external door or window lock must as soon as practicable give a key to the lock to the other party.

S. 70(3) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 58(3).

    (3)     A renter who wishes to change a lock in a master key system must obtain the residential rental provider's consent before changing that lock.

S. 70(4) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 58(4).

    (4)     A residential rental provider must not unreasonably withhold consent to the changing of the lock.

S. 70(5) amended by Nos 52/2008 s. 258, 45/2018 s. 58(5).

    (5)     In this section and sections 70A, 70B and 71

"key" of a lock means a device or information normally used to operate the lock;

"lock" means a device for securing a door or window or other part of premises;

"master key system" means a set of locks in which—

        (a)     each lock or sub-set of locks has a unique key; and

        (b)     one single key or master key can operate all the locks in the set.

Note to s. 70 inserted by No. 45/2018 s. 58(6).


This section is a duty provision and a contravention of this section may be dealt with as a breach of a duty under Part 5 and other provisions of this Act.

S. 70A (Heading) amended by No. 53/2010 s. 221(Sch. item 9.3) (as amended by No. 20/2011 s. 10(3)).

S. 70A inserted by No. 52/2008 s. 259.

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