Victorian Current Acts

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   1.      Purposes  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Application  


   5.      Sentencing guidelines  
   5AA.    Court not to have regard to previous good character or lack of previous findings of guilt or convictions in certain circumstances  
   5A.     Standard sentence scheme  
   5B.     Sentencing for a standard sentence offence  
   6.      Factors to be considered in determining offender's character  
   6AAA.   Sentence discount for guilty plea  


   6AA.    Definition  
   6AB.    Power of Court of Appeal to give or review guideline judgments  
   6ABA.   Guideline judgments on application of Attorney‑General  
   6AC.    Content of guideline judgment  
   6AD.    Procedural requirements  
   6AE.    Matters to which Court of Appeal must have regard  
   6AF.    Use of evidence in giving or reviewing guideline judgment  
   6AG.    Relationship between guideline judgments and other sentencing matters  


   6A.     Application of Part  
   6B.     Definitions for purposes of this Part  
   6C.     Factors relevant to consideration of whether offender is a serious offender  
   6D.     Factors relevant to length of prison sentence  
   6E.     Sentences to be served cumulatively  
   6F.     Serious offender status to be noted on record  


   6G.     Application of Part  
   6H.     Definitions for purposes of this Part  
   6I.     Increased maximum penalty for CCE offences  
   6J.     CCE offender status to be noted on record  


           Division 1--General

   7.      Sentences  
   8.      Conviction or non-conviction  

           Division 1A--Pre-sentence reports

   8A.     Court may order pre-sentence report  
   8B.     Contents of pre-sentence report  
   8C.     Distribution of pre-sentence report  
   8D.     Disputed pre-sentence report  

           Division 1B--Drug and alcohol reports

   8E.     Drug and alcohol assessment report  
   8F.     Distribution of drug and alcohol assessment report  
   8G.     Disputed drug and alcohol assessment report  
   8H.     Drug and alcohol pre-release report  
   8I.     Approved drug and alcohol assessment agencies  

           Division 1C--Victim impact statements

   8J.     Definitions  
   8K.     Victim may make victim impact statement  
   8L.     Contents of victim impact statement  
   8M.     Medical report  
   8N.     Distribution of written statement  
   8O.     Examination of victim  
   8P.     Witnesses  
   8Q.     Reading aloud of victim impact statement  
   8R.     Alternative arrangements for reading aloud of victim impact statement  
   8S.     Alternative arrangements for examination  

           Division 2--Custodial orders

   9.      Aggregate sentence of imprisonment[3]  
   9A.     Notice of intention to seek statutory minimum sentence for manslaughter  
   9B.     Custodial sentence must be imposed for manslaughter in circumstances of gross violence  
   9C.     Custodial sentence must be imposed for manslaughter by single punch or strike  
   10.     Custodial sentence must be imposed for causing serious injury in circumstances of gross violence  
   10AA.   Custodial sentence for certain offences against emergency workers, custodial officers and youth justice custodial workers on duty  
   10AB.   Custodial sentence for offence of contravening supervision order or interim supervision order under Serious Offenders Act 2018  
   10AC.   Custodial sentence must be imposed for offence of aggravated home invasion  
   10AD.   Custodial sentence must be imposed for offence of aggravated carjacking  
   10AE.   Custodial sentence must be imposed for offences against sections 317AC and 317AD in certain circumstances  
   10A.    Special reasons relevant to imposing minimum non-parole periods  
   11.     Fixing of non-parole period by sentencing court  
   11A.    Fixing of non-parole period for standard sentence offence  
   12.     References to non-parole period  
   13.     Fixing of non-parole period otherwise than by sentencing court  
   14.     Fixing of new non-parole period in respect of multiple sentences  
   15.     Order of service of sentences  
   16.     Sentences—whether concurrent or cumulative[5]  
   16A.    Person may consent to imprisonment in respect of unpaid fines  
   17.     Commencement of sentences[11]  
   18.     Time held in custody before trial etc. to be deducted from sentence[12]  
   18A.    Indefinite sentence  
   18B.    When court may impose indefinite sentence in respect of serious offence  
   18C.    Application for indefinite sentence  
   18D.    Adjournment of sentencing  
   18E.    Court Secure Treatment Orders  
   18F.    Sentencing hearing  
   18G.    Reasons for indefinite sentence  
   18H.    Review of indefinite sentence  
   18I.    Court may order reports  
   18J.    Distribution of reports  
   18K.    Disputed report  
   18L.    Review hearing  
   18M.    Outcome of review  
   18N.    Re-integration program  
   18O.    Appeal[13]  
   18P.    Offender to be present during hearings  
   18X.    Purposes of drug treatment order  
   18Y.    Order only available at Drug Court  
   18Z.    When drug treatment order can be made  
   18ZA.   Order can cover multiple offences  
   18ZB.   Effect of Drug Court declining to make an order  
   18ZC.   The parts of a drug treatment order  
   18ZD.   Sentence of imprisonment must be imposed  
   18ZE.   Activation of custodial part of an order  
   18ZF.   Core conditions  
   18ZG.   Program conditions  
   18ZH.   Variation on assessing offender's progress  
   18ZI.   Case conferences  
   18ZJ.   Rewards for complying with conditions  
   18ZK.   Cancellation as a reward  
   18ZL.   Failure to comply with conditions  
   18ZM.   Service in a secure custody facility  
   18ZN.   Commission of certain offences  
   18ZO.   Drug Court may hear and determine certain offences  
   18ZP.   Cancellation  
   18ZQ.   Drug treatment order assessment reports  
   18ZR.   Appeals  
   18ZS.   Immunity from prosecution for certain offences  
   18ZT.   Order made by Court of Appeal  
   32.     Youth justice centre or youth residential centre order[14]  
   32A.    Aggregate sentence of detention  
   33.     Sentences to be concurrent unless otherwise directed[15]  
   34.     Commencement of sentences[16]  
   35.     Time held in custody before trial etc. to be deducted from sentence[17], [18]  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   36.     Purpose of an order  

           Division 2--General

   37.     Community correction order  
   38.     Period and commencement of a community correction order  
   39.     Intensive compliance period  
   40.     Community correction order may cover multiple offences  
   41.     Presumption of concurrency  
   41A.    Maximum cumulative community correction orders  
   42.     Concurrent unpaid community work where there are several orders  
   43.     Fine and a community correction order  
   44.     Imprisonment and a community correction order  
   44A.    Mandatory treatment and monitoring order  

           Division 3--Making a community correction order

   45.     Terms of a community correction order  
   46.     Power of the Secretary to give written directions  
   47.     Court may attach conditions  
   48.     Residual condition  
   48A.    Matters to be considered when attaching conditions  

           Division 4--Conditions

   48B.    Definitions  
   48C.    Unpaid community work condition  
   48CA.   Order with conditions under sections 48C and 48D  
   48D.    Treatment and rehabilitation condition  
   48E.    Supervision condition  
   48F.    Non-association condition  
   48G.    Residence restriction or exclusion condition  
   48H.    Place or area exclusion condition  
   48I.    Curfew condition  
   48J.    Alcohol exclusion condition  
   48JA.   Bond condition  
   48K.    Judicial monitoring condition  
   48L.    Power of court on review under a judicial monitoring condition  
   48LA.   Electronic monitoring of offender  
   48LB.   Confidentiality of personal information  

           Division 5--Variation etc. of order

   48M.    Variation etc. of community correction order  
   48N.    Application for variation etc. of a community correction order  
   48O.    Suspension by Secretary  

           Division 6--Miscellaneous matters

   48P.    Secretary may direct offender to report at another place  
   48Q.    Order made by Court of Appeal  


           Division 1--Fines

   49.     Power to fine  
   50.     Maximum fine  
   51.     Aggregate fines  
   52.     Financial circumstances of offender  
   53.     Court to take forfeiture, compensation and restitution orders into account  
   54.     Other matters court may have regard to in fixing amount of fine  
   55.     Liability of director if body corporate unable to pay fine  

           Division 2--Instalment orders andtime to pay orders

   56.     Instalment order  
   57.     Application for instalment order  
   58.     Order to pay operates subject to instalment order  
   59.     Time to pay order  
   60.     Application for time to pay order  
   61.     Application for variation or cancellation of order  
   62.     Notice of application  
   63.     Variation or cancellation of order  

           Division 3--Fine conversion order

   64.     Fine conversion order  
   65.     Application for order under section 64  
   67.     Variation etc. of fine conversion order  
   68.     Application for variation etc. of a fine conversion order  

           Division 4--Fine default by natural person--warrant to arrest

   69.     Issue of warrant to arrest person in default  
   69A.    Warrant to arrest may be issued other than in paper form  
   69B.    Who may execute warrant?  
   69C.    When may warrant be executed?  

           Division 5--Fine default by natural person--orders of court

   69D.    Court may make fine default unpaid community work order on application  
   69E.    Orders of court in relation to fine default on arrest  
   69F.    Order of court in absence of offender  
   69FA.   Orders of court in relation to fine defaulter on arrest—Fines Reform Act 2014  
   69FB.   Order of court in absence of fine defaulter—Fines Reform Act 2014  
   69G.    Order of court if material change in circumstances of offender  
   69H.    Other orders of court  
   69I.    Variation etc. of fine default unpaid community work order  
   69J.    Application for variation etc. of a fine default unpaid community work order  
   69K.    Limit on fine for which unpaid community work can be ordered  
   69L.    Costs  
   69M.    Warrant to seize property returned unsatisfied  

           Division 6--Calculation of period of imprisonment or unpaid community work

   69N.    Term of imprisonment  
   69O.    Term of unpaid community work  
   69P.    Determining amount of unpaid fine or instalment  
   69Q.    Period of unpaid community work to be performed  
   69R.    Cumulative unpaid community work if there are several orders  

           Division 7--Terms and operation offines work orders

   69S.    Period of a fines work order  
   69T.    When does a fines work order expire?  
   69U.    Part payment of fine to reduce unpaid community work  
   69V.    Terms of a fines work order  
   69W.    Suspension by Secretary  
   69X.    Secretary may direct offender to report at another place or to another person  

           Division 8--Enforcement of fines against bodies corporate

   69Y.    Enforcement of fines against bodies corporate  

           Division 9--General

   69Z.    Notice of orders to be given  
   69ZA.   Oath or affirmation  
   69ZB.   Application of fines etc.  
   69ZC.   Penalty payable to body corporate  
   69ZD.   Recovery of penalties  
   69ZE.   Order made by Court of Appeal  
   69ZF.   Rules of court  
   69ZG.   Application to infringement enforcement procedure  


           Division 1--Dismissals, discharges and adjournments

   70.     Purpose of orders under this Division  
   71.     Abolition of common law bonds  
   71A.    Limitation on making of orders under this Division  
   72.     Release on adjournment following conviction  
   73.     Unconditional discharge  
   74.     Compensation or restitution  
   75.     Release on adjournment without conviction  
   76.     Unconditional dismissal  
   77.     Compensation or restitution  
   78.     Variation of order for release on adjournment  

           Division 2--Intellectually disabled offenders

   80.     Justice plan condition  
   81.     Review of justice plan by Secretary  
   82.     Review of justice plan condition by sentencing court  
   82AA.   Residential treatment order  
   82A.    Review of residential treatment order by sentencing court  
   83.     Notice of application  

           Division 3--Deferral of sentencing in the Magistrates' Court or County Court

   83A.    Deferral of sentencing  


           Division 1--Offences

   83AC.   Contravention of order for release on adjournment  
   83AD.   Contravention of community correction order  
   83ADA.  Contravention of fine conversion order  
   83ADB.  Contravention of fine default unpaid community work order  
   83AE.   Particular contraventions of directions of Secretary  
   83AF.   Offence to fail to obey a written direction of Secretary  

           Division 2--Procedure for contravention offence

   83AG.   Commencement of a proceeding  
   83AH.   Time for commencing a proceeding  
   83AI.   Issue of summons or warrant to arrest  
   83AJ.   Transfer of a proceeding  
   83AK.   Issue of warrant to arrest on failure to comply with bail or summons  
   83AL.   Process where offender before higher court, orders of that court  
   83AM.   Process where offender before higher court, orders of Magistrates' Court  
   83AS.   Powers of the court on finding of guilt for contravention of community correction order  
   83ASA.  Powers of court on finding of guilt for contravention of fines work order  
   83AT.   Powers of the court on finding of guilt for contravention of order for release on adjournment  

           Division 3--Direction of certain conditions on failure to comply

   83AU.   Direction of unpaid community work condition on failure to comply  
   83AV.   Direction of curfew condition on failure to comply  
   83AW.   Reasonable excuse for a failure to comply  
   83AX.   Notice of direction to be given in writing  
   83AY.   Review by the sentencing court  
   83AZ.   Powers of a sentencing court on review  


   83B.    Purpose of Part  
   83C.    Application of Part  
   83D.    Definitions  
   83E.    Application for a superannuation order  
   83F.    Court may make a superannuation order  
   83G.    Effect of superannuation order  
   83H.    Provisions applying to a superannuation order  
   83I.    Powers of an authorised person to require information  
   83J.    Protection of administrators providing information  
   83K.    Disclosure of information  


           Division 1--Restitution

   84.     Restitution order  
   85.     Enforcement of restitution order  

           Division 2--Compensation

   85A.    Definitions  
   85B.    Compensation order  
   85C.    Application for compensation order  
   85D.    Extension of time for making application  
   85E.    Proceeding on an application  
   85F.    Court must not refuse to hear and determine application except in certain circumstances  
   85G.    Evidence  
   85H.    Court may take financial circumstances of offender into account  
   85I.    Court must reduce compensation by amount of any award under Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996  
   85J.    Court to give reasons for its decision  
   85K.    Costs of proceeding  
   85L.    Right to bring civil proceedings unaffected  
   85M.    Enforcement of order  
   86AA.   Court to ask if application for compensation order will be made  
   86.     Compensation order  
   87.     Enforcement of compensation order  

           Division 2A--Recovery of assistance paid under Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996

   87A.    Recovery of assistance paid under Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996  
   87B.    Enforcement of order under section 87A  

           Division 2B--Recovery of costs incurred by emergency service agencies

   87C.    Definitions  
   87D.    Cost recovery order  
   87E.    Application for cost recovery order  
   87F.    Extension of time for making application  
   87G.    How offender may appear on an application  
   87H.    Court may have regard to relevant facts  
   87I.    Evidence  
   87J.    Court may take financial circumstances of offender into account  
   87K.    Court to give reasons for its decision  
   87L.    Costs of proceeding  
   87M.    Right to bring civil proceedings unaffected  
   87N.    Enforcement of order  

           Division 3--Driver licences and learner permits--suspension, cancellation and driver disqualification

   87P.    Definition  
   87Q.    Matters to be sent to the Secretary to the Department of Transport  
   88.     Application of Evidence Act 2008  
   89.     Suspension or cancellation of driver licence or learner permit and driver disqualification—certain motor vehicle offences  
   89A.    Suspension or cancellation of driver licence or learner permit and driver disqualification—any offence  
   89B.    Commencement of period of disqualification  
   89C.    Finding on cancellation of driver licence or learner permit or driver disqualification  
   89D.    Presumption in favour of concurrency  
   89DA.   Cancellation on disqualification  
   89DB.   Effect of cancellation  

           Division 4--Alcohol exclusion orders

   89DC.   Definitions  
   89DD.   Alcohol exclusion order  
   89DE.   When an alcohol exclusion order must be made  
   89DF.   Offences for contravening alcohol exclusion order  
   89DG.   Variation of alcohol exclusion order  
   89DH.   Chief Commissioner to report on alcohol exclusion orders  

           Division 5--Serious drug offender

   89DI.   Declaration by court that person is serious drug offender  


   89E.    Definitions  
   89F.    Court may issue certificate to victim of identity crime  
   89G.    Contents of certificate  
   89H.    Process for dealing with application  


           Division 1--Court Assessment Orders

   90.     What is a Court Assessment Order?  
   91.     When may the court make a Court Assessment Order?  
   92.     Contents of a Court Assessment Order and notification requirements  
   93.     Effect and duration of Court Assessment Order  
   94.     Court powers following Court Assessment Order  

           Division 2--Court Secure Treatment Orders

   94A.    What is a Court Secure Treatment Order?  
   94B.    When may the court make a Court Secure Treatment Order?  
   94C.    Effect and duration of Court Secure Treatment Order  

           Division 3--Taking persons subject to Court Assessment Order or Court Secure Treatment Order

   94D.    Custody of persons subject to Court Assessment Order or Court Secure Treatment Order  

           Division 4--Transitional provisions

   94E.    Definition  
   94F.    Assessment order and diagnosis, assessment and treatment order  
   94G.    Hospital security order  
   94H.    Restricted involuntary treatment order  
   94I.    Proceedings in relation to orders  


           Division 1--Explanation of orders

   95.     Explanation of orders  

           Division 3--Taking other charges into account

   100.    Disposal of other pending charges  

           Division 4--Passing of sentence

   101.    Time and place of sentence  
   102.    Sentence by another judge or magistrate  
   103.    Sentences not invalidated by failure to comply with procedural requirements  


   104.    Correction of sentences by Supreme Court on judicial review  
   104A.   Power to correct clerical mistakes, etc.  
   104B.   Court may reopen proceeding to correct penalties imposed contrary to law  
   104C.   Effect of reopening a proceeding under section 104B  
   104D.   When proceedings are finally disposed of  


   105.    Definitions  
   105AA.  Application of this Part  
   105A.   Part to bind the Crown  
   105B.   Application to Secretary for convictions for historical homosexual offences to be expunged  
   105C.   Submission of further information etc.  
   105D.   Consideration of application  
   105E.   Response to enquiries or requests for information  
   105F.   Appointment of advisors  
   105G.   Mandatory tests  
   105H.   Withdrawal of application  
   105I.   Determination of application  
   105J.   Effect of expungement of conviction  
   105K.   Obligations in relation to official records  
   105L.   Jurisdiction of VCAT  
   105M.   Restriction on right to re-apply  
   105N.   Delegation  
   105O.   Confidentiality  
   105P.   Giving of notices  
   105Q.   Evidentiary provisions  
   105R.   Immunity  
   105S.   No entitlement to compensation  


   106.    Saving of royal prerogative of mercy  
   107.    Release by Governor in exercise of royal prerogative of mercy  
   108.    Penalties for offences may be remitted  


   108A.   Definitions  
   108B.   Establishment of Sentencing Advisory Council  
   108C.   Functions of the Council  
   108D.   Powers of the Council  
   108E.   Delegation  
   108F.   Board of directors  
   108G.   Chairperson  
   108H.   Terms and conditions of office of directors  
   108I.   Vacancies and removal of directors from office  
   108J.   Travelling and other allowances  
   108K.   Validity of acts or decisions  
   108L.   Meetings of the Board  
   108M.   Staff  
   108N.   Appointment of consultants  
   108O.   Control on expenditure  
   108P.   Parliamentary requirement for information  


   109.    Penalty scale  
   109A.   Operation of penalty provisions  
   110.    Meaning of penalty units  
   111.    Location and effect of penalty provisions  
   112.    Classification of offences as indictable or summary  
   112A.   Maximum fine for indictable offence heard and determined summarily  
   113.    Maximum term of imprisonment for indictable offence heard and determined summarily  
   113A.   Maximum term of imprisonment for summary offence  
   113B.   Maximum cumulative term of imprisonment imposable by Magistrates' Court  
   113C.   Maximum term of imprisonment where none prescribed  
   113D.   Increased maximum fine for body corporate  
   114.    Effect of alterations in penalties[19]  
   115.    Old offences relevant in determining previous convictions  
   115A.   Effect where punishment suffered for indictable offence  
   115B.   Delegation  


   115C.   Infringement penalties  
   115D.   Power to serve an infringement notice  
   115E.   Appointment of authorised person  
   115F.   Reports  
   116.    Regulations  
   116A.   Review of amendments made by Sentencing Amendment (Emergency Worker Harm) Act 2020  


   117.    Transitional provisions  
   117A.   Transitional provisions—Sentencing (Amendment) Act 1993  
   117B.   Transitional provisions—Miscellaneous Acts (Omnibus Amendments) Act 1996  
   118.    Transitional provisions (1997 amendments)  
   119.    Transitional provisions (Sentencing (Amendment) Act 1997)  
   120.    Transitional provisions (1998 amendments)  
   121.    Transitional provision—Courts and Tribunals Legislation (Amendment) Act 2000  
   122.    Transitional provisions—Sentencing (Amendment) Act 1999  
   123.    Transitional provision—Magistrates' Court (Infringements) Act 2000  
   124.    Transitional provisions—Victims of Crime Assistance (Amendment) Act 2000  
   125.    Transitional provisions—Sentencing (Emergency Service Costs) Act 2001  
   126.    Transitional provisions—Sentencing (Amendment) Act 2002  
   126B.   Application of amendment made by the Road Safety (Alcohol Interlocks) Act 2002  
   127.    Transitional provision—Crimes (Property Damage and Computer Offences) Act 2003  
   127A.   Transitional provisions—Corrections and Sentencing Acts (Home Detention) Act 2003  
   128.    Transitional provision—Sentencing (Amendment) Act 2003  
   129.    Transitional provision—Children and Young Persons (Age Jurisdiction) Act 2004  
   130.    Transitional provision—Sentencing (Further Amendment) Act 2005  
   131.    Transitional provision—Sentencing and Mental Health Acts (Amendment) Act 2005  
   132.    Transitional provision—Courts Legislation (Jurisdiction) Act 2006  
   133.    Transitional provisions—Sentencing (Suspended Sentences) Act 2006  
   134.    Transitional provision—Working with Children Act 2005  
   135.    Transitional provision—Criminal Procedure Legislation Amendment Act 2008  
   136.    Transitional provision—Justice Legislation Amendment (Sex Offences Procedure) Act 2008  
   137.    Transitional provision—Crimes Amendment (Identity Crime) Act 2009  
   138.    Transitional provision—Statute Law Amendment (Evidence Consequential Provisions) Act 2009  
   139.    Transitional provision—Criminal Procedure Act 2009  
   140.    Transitional provision—Sentencing Amendment Act 2009  
   141.    Transitional provision—Justice Legislation Amendment Act 2010  
   141A.   Transitional provision—Sentencing Legislation Amendment (Abolition of Home Detention) Act 2011  
   142.    Transitional provision—Justice Legislation Amendment (Victims of Crime Assistance and Other Matters) Act 2010  
   143.    Transitional provision—Sentencing Amendment Act 2010  
   144.    Transitional provision—Sentencing Further Amendment Act 2011  
   145.    Transitional provisions—Criminal Procedure Amendment Act 2012  
   147.    Transitional provision—Sentencing Amendment (Community Correction Reform) Act 2011  
   148.    Transitional provision—Road Safety and Sentencing Acts Amendment Act 2012  
   149.    Transitional provision—Criminal Procedure and Sentencing Acts Amendment (Victims of Crime) Act 2012  
   149A.   Validation—Justice Legislation Amendment Act 2013  
   149B.   Transitional provision—Sentencing Amendment (Abolition of Suspended Sentences and Other Matters) Act 2013  
   149C.   Further transitional provision—Sentencing Amendment (Abolition of Suspended Sentences and Other Matters) Act 2013  
   149D.   Additional transitional provision—Sentencing Amendment (Abolition of Suspended Sentences and Other Matters) Act 2013  
   150.    Transitional provisions—Road Safety and Sentencing Acts Amendment Act 2013  
   151.    Transitional provision—Summary Offences and Sentencing Amendment Act 2014  
   152.    Transitional provisions—Sentencing Amendment (Coward's Punch Manslaughter and Other Matters) Act 2014  
   153.    Transitional provision—Criminal Organisations Control and Other Acts Amendment Act 2014—alcohol exclusion orders  
   154.    Transitional provisions—Sentencing Amendment (Emergency Workers) Act 2014—general  
   156.    Transitional provision—Justice Legislation Amendment (Confiscation and Other Matters) Act 2014  
   156A.   Transitional provision—Sentencing Amendment (Correction of Sentencing Error) Act 2015  
   157.    Transitional provision—Sentencing Amendment (Historical Homosexual Convictions Expungement) Act 2014  
   158.    Transitional provisions—Crimes Legislation Amendment Act 2016  
   159.    Transitional provisions—Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) Amendment (Community Safety) Act 2016  
   160.    Transitional provision—Police and Justice Legislation Amendment (Miscellaneous) Act 2016  
   161.    Transitional provision—Children and Justice Legislation Amendment (Youth Justice Reform) Act 2017  
   162.    Transitional provision—Sentencing (Community Correction Order) and Other Acts Amendment Act 2016  
   163.    Transitional—Justice Legislation Amendment (Parole Reform and Other Matters) Act 2016  
   164.    Transitional—Fines Reform Amendment Act 2017  
   165.    Transitional provision—Transport Legislation Amendment (Better Roads Victoria and Other Amendments) Act 2019  
   165A.   Transitional provisions—Sentencing Amendment (Sentencing Standards) Act 2017  
   166.    Transitional—Justice Legislation Amendment (Victims) Act 2018  
   167.    Transitional provisions—Justice Legislation Miscellaneous Amendment Act 2018  
   168.    Transitional provision—Victims and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2018  
   169.    Transitional provision—Justice Legislation Amendment (Police and Other Matters) Act 2019  
   170.    Transitional provision—Sentencing Amendment (Emergency Worker Harm) Act 2020  


           Division 1--Preliminary

           Division 2--Electronic monitoring requirements

   171.    Magistrates' Court may attach electronic monitoring requirement to community correction order  
   172.    Magistrates' Court may vary community correction order to attach electronic monitoring requirement  
   173.    Transitional provision—COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Act 2020  

           Division 3--Pre-sentence reports

   174.    Application of Division  
   175.    Definition of oral pre-sentence report  
   176.    Circumstances in which oral pre-sentence report may be given  
   177.    Distribution of oral pre-sentence report  
   178.    Disputed contents of oral pre-sentence report  
   179.    Interpretation of provisions relating to pre-sentence reports  

           Division 4--Repeal of Part

   180.    Repeal of Part  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 1A
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 3A
           SCHEDULE 4

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