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Application for variation etc. of a community correction order

    (1)     An application for the court to deal with a community correction order under section 48M may be made at any time while the order is in force by—

        (a)     a prescribed person or a member of a prescribed class of person; or

        (b)     the informant or police prosecutor (if the sentencing court was the Magistrates' Court); or

        (c)     the Director of Public Prosecutions; or

        (d)     the offender; or

        (e)     the Secretary.

    (2)     Notice of an application under subsection (1) must be given—

        (a)     to the offender, if the application is not made by the offender; and

S. 48N(2)(b) substituted by No. 26/2012 s. 36(1).

        (b)     if the sentencing court was—

              (i)     the Magistrates' Court, to the informant or police prosecutor; or

              (ii)     the Supreme Court or the County Court, to the Director of Public Prosecutions; and

S. 48N(2)(c) repealed by No. 26/2012 s. 36(2).

    *     *     *     *     *

        (d)     any prescribed person or a member of any prescribed class of person; and

        (e)     the Secretary.

    (3)     The court may order that a warrant to arrest be issued against the offender if he or she does not attend before the court on the hearing of the application.

S. 48O inserted by No. 65/2011 s. 21.

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