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Content of guideline judgment

    (1)     A guideline judgment may set out—

        (a)     criteria to be applied in selecting among various sentencing alternatives;

        (b)     the weight to be given to the various purposes specified in section 5(1) for which a sentence may be imposed;

        (c)     the criteria by which a sentencing court is to determine the gravity of an offence;

        (d)     the criteria which a sentencing court may use to reduce the sentence for an offence;

        (e)     the weighting to be given to relevant criteria;

S. 6AC(1)(ea) inserted by No. 52/2014 s. 6, repealed by No. 34/2017 s. 7, new s. 6AC(1)(ea) inserted by No. 34/2017 s. 20.

        (ea)     guidelines for sentencing offenders for standard sentence offences;

S. 6AC(1)(eb) inserted by No. 34/2017 s. 40(1).

        (eb)     guidelines as to the appropriate level or range of sentences for a particular offence or class of offence;

        (f)     any other matter consistent with the principles contained in this Act.

S. 6AC(2) inserted by No. 34/2017 s. 40(2).

    (2)     Counsel for the prosecution or the defence may make a submission to a court considering the sentence for an offence, on the level or range of sentences that could be imposed for it, if that level or range has been set out in a guideline judgment.

S. 6AC(3) inserted by No. 34/2017 s. 40(2).

    (3)     Subsections (1)(eb) and (2) have effect despite any rule of law or practice to the contrary and any such rule is abolished.

S. 6AD inserted by No. 13/2003 s. 4, amended by No. 34/2017 s. 41(1)(2) (ILA s. 39B(1).

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