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Court must not refuse to hear and determine application except in certain circumstances

    (1)     A court must not refuse to hear and determine an application for a compensation order unless, in its opinion, the relevant facts do not sufficiently appear from—

        (a)     evidence given at the hearing of the charge; or

S. 85F(1)(b) amended by No. 68/2009 s. 97(Sch. item 110.64).

        (b)     any statement of the material facts relevant to the charge given to a court in a proceeding for the offence by the prosecution and not disputed by or on behalf of the accused; or

        (c)     the available documents

together with admissions made by or on behalf of any person in connection with the application.

    (2)     In subsection (1)(c) "the available documents" means—

        (a)     any written statements or admissions which were made for use, and would have been admissible, as evidence on the hearing of the charge; or

S. 85F(2)(b) substituted by No. 68/2009 s. 97(Sch. item 110.65).

        (b)     the depositions in the committal proceeding; or

S. 85F(2)(c) repealed by No. 68/2009 s. 97(Sch. item 110.65).

    *     *     *     *     *

        (d)     any victim impact statement made to the court for the purpose of assisting it in determining sentence, including any medical report attached to it.

S. 85G
inserted by No. 54/2000 s. 21.

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