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Offences relating to horse-drawn vehicles, public vehicles, animals etc.

Any person who—

        (a)     being the driver of a horse-drawn vehicle on a road goes away from the animal so as not to have control over it without securely fastening one of the wheels of the vehicle by a brake chain or strap so as to effectually prevent the wheel rotating;

S. 8(b) amended by S.R. No. 137/1974 reg. 2(a).

        (b)     drives a cart wagon or dray in or through a public place without the name and residence of the owner thereof being painted in a legible and permanent manner on the right or off side in letters of at least 25 millimetres in length;

        (c)     drives a dog or goat harnessed or attached to a vehicle in or through a public place;

        (d)     turns loose or allows to wander any cattle or other beast upon a public road or thoroughfare;

        (e)     sets on urges or permits a dog or other animal to attack or worry any person horse or other animal or by ill-usage or negligence in driving cattle causes any mischief to be done by such cattle;

        (f)     obstructs or prevents the driving of cattle along over or across a public road or thoroughfare;

        (g)     slaughters or skins a beast on a public road or thoroughfare;

        (h)     leaves a dead beast or its skin on a public road or thoroughfare;

              (i)     being the driver guard or conductor of a public vehicle for the conveyance of passengers wilfully delays on the road or uses any abusive or insulting language to any passenger, or by reason of intoxication or other misconduct endangers the safety or property of any passenger or other person—

shall be guilty of an offence.

Penalty:     5 penalty units.

Destroying, Damaging or Injuring Property—Trespass

No. 6337 s. 20.

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