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Jurisdiction and powers of arbitrators

S. 21(1) amended by Nos 7052 s. 2(i), 7272 s. 7(2), 8149 s. 25(1), 110/1986 s. 140(2).

    (1)     An arbitrator shall entertain, inquire into and decide upon all matters which an arbitrator is empowered to determine by this Act and for that purpose may do all such matters and things relating thereto including the ordering of the payment of costs by any party and in the same manner and to the same extent as the Supreme Court is empowered to do in the exercise of its ordinary jurisdiction and the decision of an arbitrator shall be enforceable as if it were a judgment or an order of the Supreme Court and shall be final and without appeal.

S. 21(2) amended by No. 109/1994 s. 34(13).

    (2)     An arbitrator may if he thinks fit reserve any question in the form of a special case for the opinion of the Court of Appeal which opinion shall be given.

    (3)     In deciding any matter an arbitrator shall be guided by the real justice of the matter without regard to the legal forms and solemnities.

S. 21(4) amended by No. 18/1989 s. 13(Sch. 2 item 76(e)).

    (4)     An arbitrator shall not make any order affecting the Register kept under the Transfer of Land Act 1958 without prior consultation with the Registrar or his nominee.

S. 22 amended by Nos 7052 s. 2(j), 104/1994 s. 35(Sch. 2 item 11).

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