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Status of police reservists

A police reservist is taken to be a police officer for the purposes of the following provisions and Acts—

        (a)     Division 1 of this Part (Ranks, commissions and numbers);

        (b)     section 19 (Delegation by Chief Commissioner);

S. 45(c) amended by No. 6/2018 s. 68(Sch.  2 item 133.1).

        (c)     section 50 (Oath or affirmation of office);

        (d)     section 51(a) (Duties and powers of police officers at common law);

        (e)     section 53 (Proof of office);

        (f)     section 55 (Permanent cessation of powers);

        (g)     section 56 (Execution of process and warrants);

        (h)     section 62 (Determination of uniforms and other equipment and other standards);

              (i)     section 64 and Schedule 3 (Long service leave);

        (j)     Division 6 of Part 4 (Incapacity for duty);

        (k)     Division 7 of Part 4 (Protections);

        (l)     Division 8 of Part 4 (Liability for tortious conduct by police and protective services officers);

        (m)     Part 5 (Drug and alcohol testing);

        (n)     Part 7 (Discipline);

        (o)     Divisions 2 and 3 of Part 8 (Reviews);

        (p)     Part 9 (Complaints and investigations);

S. 45(q) amended by No. 2/2019 s. 89(Sch. 1 Pt D item 2(a)).

        (q)     Part 10 (Investigation of public interest complaints);

        (r)     section 252 (Bribery and corruption by police or protective services officers);

        (s)     section 254 (Failure to return Victoria Police identification or Victoria Police equipment);

        (t)     section 256 (Impersonating police or protective services officers);

        (u)     items 2.2, 2.11 and 2.13 of Schedule 5 (Subject matter for regulations);

              (v)     the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission Act 2011 ;

S. 45(w) amended by No. 2/2019 s. 89 (Sch.  1 Pt D item 2(b)).

        (w)     the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 ;

              (x)     the Victorian Inspectorate Act 2011 .


Section 104 of the Police Regulation (Pensions) Act 1958 contains certain qualifications for a person to continue as a police reservist.

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