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Schedule 5—Subject matter for regulations

Section 277

Part 1—Victoria Police

    1.1     Prescribing any person or body for the purposes of section 10(4)(k).

Part 2—Duties, powers, entitlements and protection

    2.1     Authorising the Chief Commissioner to determine procedures, qualifications, skills, attributes, medical requirements and physical requirements for appointment as—

        (a)     a police recruit; or

        (b)     a police officer; or

        (c)     a protective services officer.

    2.2     The government of police officers, protective services officers and police recruits.

    2.3     Permitting police officers to accept appointment as officers or members of the police force of another jurisdiction.

    2.4     Regulating the conduct of—

        (a)     police officers while serving as officers or members of the police force of another jurisdiction; or

        (b)     officers or members of the police force of another jurisdiction while serving as police officers.

    2.5     Requiring police officers to reside in the district or sub‑district to which they are attached to reside in any particular premises within the district or sub-district which are provided for the use of and allocated to those officers.

    2.6     Specifying the remuneration to which Assistant Commissioners exercising their right to return are entitled, including any method for calculating the increment.

    2.7     Authorising the Chief Commissioner to grant leave with or without pay to a Deputy Commissioner or an Assistant Commissioner and the effect of that leave on any other entitlement that Deputy Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner may have or may come to have under the Act or regulations.

    2.8     Prescribing places to be designated places for the purposes of section 52(3).

Sch. 5 cl. 2.9 substituted by No. 55/2014 s. 184(1).

    2.9     The promotion and transfer of police officers and protective services officers.

    2.10     A rank structure for protective services officers.

    2.11     Long service leave for police officers and protective services officers.

    2.12     Any matter relating to the efficiency of protective services officers in the performance of their duties.

    2.13     Any matter necessary or expedient to promote the efficiency of Victoria Police or to promote the efficient discharge of duties by any police officer or protective services officer or class of police officers or protective services officers.

    2.14     Prescribing actions or conduct to be police torts and actions, claims or proceedings to be police tort claims for the purposes of Division 8 of Part 4.

Part 3—Education and training

    3.1     Prescribing minimum education or training standards for various positions within Victoria Police or for re-entry of former police officers into Victoria Police.

    3.2     Prescribing minimum education and training standards for the professional development of police officers.

    3.3     Prescribing requirements for appointment or reappointment to Victoria Police in addition to any requirements specified in this Act.

Part 4—Employment and discipline proceedings

    4.1     Any proceedings under—

        (a)     Division 6 of Part 4; or

        (b)     Part 7.

    4.2     Prescribing scales of fees or expenses to be paid to witnesses appearing before the PRS Board and the classes of cases in which any prescribed fees or expenses may be paid.

Sch. 5 cl. 4.3 inserted by No. 37/2014 s. 8.

    4.3     Appeals and reviews under Part 8.

Part 5—Drug and alcohol testing

    5.1     The persons authorised—

        (a)     to administer breath tests or to conduct breath analyses or other tests for the purpose of detecting the presence of alcohol or a drug of dependence; and

        (b)     to operate equipment for that purpose.

    5.2     The circumstances in which a breath sample, urine sample, blood sample, oral fluid sample, buccal swab or hair sample may be taken.

    5.3     The procedure for the taking of samples of breath, urine, blood, oral fluid and hair and buccal swabs.

    5.4     The devices used in carrying out breath tests, breath analyses and other tests, including calibration, inspection and testing of those devices.

    5.5     The accreditation of persons conducting analyses for the presence of a drug of dependence.

    5.6     The procedure for handling and analysis of samples of urine, blood, oral fluid and hair and buccal swabs.

    5.7     Offences relating to interference with test results or the testing procedure.

Sch. 5 cl. 5.8 amended by No. 55/2014 s. 184(2).

    5.8     The handling and confidentiality of test results.

    5.9     Information to be included in the annual report of the Chief Commissioner under section 12 in relation to Part 5.

Part 6—Complaints and investigations about police

    6.1     The investigation of complaints about the conduct of police officers.

Part 7—Fees and charges

Sch. 5 cl. 7.1 amended by No. 29/2020 s. 8.

    7.1     Prescribing fees or charges that may be imposed for the provision of services by police officers, protective services officers or Victoria Police employees.

    7.2     Prescribing fees for applications by media organisations for authorisation to be given agency photographs.

    7.3     Prescribing fees for applications by authorised media organisations for the giving of agency photographs.

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