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Restriction on right to re-apply for working with children check

    (1)     A person who has been given a negative notice is not entitled to make a further application under section 10 until 5 years have elapsed after the date of that notice unless, since that date, there has been a relevant change in circumstances.

    (2)     For the purposes of subsection (1) a relevant change in circumstances is—

        (a)     a charge that was pending at the date of the notice being finally dealt with without the person being found guilty of the offence; or

        (b)     a finding of guilt being quashed or set aside by a court after the date of the notice; or

        (c)     the person ceasing to be subject to reporting obligations imposed on him or her by Part 3 of the Sex Offenders Registration Act 2004 ; or

S. 25(2)(d) substituted by No. 21/2008 s. 25(2)(b).

        (d)     the person being no longer subject to an extended supervision order or interim extended supervision order under the Serious Sex Offenders Monitoring Act   2005 ; or

S. 25(2)(da) inserted by No. 91/2009 s. 219(Sch. 3 item 7.5).

        (da)     the person being no longer subject to a supervision order or detention order; or

S. 25(2)(e) amended by No. 51/2010 s. 20(1).

        (e)     a relevant finding being quashed or set aside expressly or impliedly after the date of the notice.

S. 25(3) inserted by No. 51/2010 s. 20(2).

    (3)     If a person who has been given a negative notice is subsequently given an assessment notice under a further application made under section 10, the negative notice is deemed to be void and of no effect from the date the assessment notice is given.

S. 26 amended
by Nos 56/2007 s. 14, 61/2012 s. 12, substituted by No. 66/2014 s. 29.

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