Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Installation of operations plates and the modification of vehicles

Reg. 21(1) amended by S.R. No. 172/2019 reg. 9(Sch. 5 item 14(a)).

    (1)     The Secretary, or a person the Secretary considers qualified to do so, may—

        (a)     install an operations plate on; or

        (b)     issue a certificate of approved operations—

for         a vehicle that does not comply with the standards for registration.

    (2)     An operations plate installed on, or a certificate of approved operations issued for, a vehicle must indicate—

        (a)     any deficiencies in the vehicle's operating characteristics; and

Reg. 21(2)(b) amended by S.R. No. 172/2019 reg. 9(Sch. 5 item 14(a)).

        (b)     any conditions imposed, or to be imposed, by the Secretary on the vehicle's registration.

    (3)     A person who modifies, or adds components to, a vehicle must ensure that—

        (a)     if the vehicle complied with the standards for registration immediately before the modification or addition, the vehicle continues to comply with those standards; and

Reg. 21(3)(b) substituted by S.R. No. 150/2013 reg. 9, amended by S.R. No. 23/2014 reg. 4.

        (b)     for a heavy vehicle, the modification or addition is certified by a person appointed as an authorised officer under regulation 7 as complying with the NHVR Code of Practice for the Approval of Heavy Vehicle Modifications; and

Reg. 21(3)(c) amended by S.R. No. 26/2010
reg. 9.

        (c)     for a light vehicle—

Reg. 21(3)(c)(i) amended by S.R. No. 172/2019 reg. 9(Sch. 5 item 14(b)(i)).

              (i)     the modification or addition is certified by an authorised officer as complying with the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification published by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development as Vehicle Standards Bulletin No. 14; or

Reg. 21
(3)(c)(ii) amended by S.R. No. 172/2019 reg. 9(Sch. 5 item 14(b)(ii)).

              (ii)     the modification or alteration is otherwise acceptable to the Secretary.

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