Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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What must be included in vehicle defect notice

A vehicle defect notice must state—

        (a)     the vehicle's registration details including—

              (i)     the registration number; and

              (ii)     unregistered vehicle permit number (if practicable and applicable); and

              (iii)     expiry date; and

              (iv)     jurisdiction of registration; and

        (b)     the name of the vehicle's driver or, if the driver is not present when the notice is issued, the words "registered operator"; and

        (c)     to the extent practicable, the vehicle's identification details including—

              (i)     its vehicle identifier; or

              (ii)     if there is no vehicle identifier, the chassis number or engine number; and

              (iii)     its make and type; and

        (d)     the type of inspection carried out; and

        (e)     the details of the vehicle's defects and whether the notice is a major defect notice or a minor defect notice; and

        (f)     the time and date after which the vehicle is not to be used on a highway; and

        (g)     any restriction on the movement of the vehicle to another location following the issue of the notice; and

        (h)     the clearance requirement, including the date after which the vehicle's registration may be suspended unless the notice has been cleared; and

              (i)     the name, official number or other identification of the person who issued the notice.

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