Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Entering blocked crossings

    (1)     A driver must not enter a children's crossing, marked foot crossing or pedestrian crossing if the driver cannot drive through the crossing because the crossing, or a road beyond the crossing, is blocked.

Penalty:     3 penalty units.


The crossing, or a road beyond the crossing, may be blocked by congested traffic, a disabled vehicle, a collision between vehicles or between a vehicle and a pedestrian, or by a fallen load on the road.


"Children's crossing", driver , enter and marked foot crossing are defined in the dictionary. Pedestrian crossing is defined in rule 81.

    (2)     Despite subrule (1), a driver may enter a children's crossing or a pedestrian crossing if—

        (a)     the crossing is immediately before an intersection that does not have traffic lights; and

        (b)     the crossing is not blocked; and

Rule 128A(2)(c) amended by S.R. No. 96/2019 rule 6.

        (c)     before entering the crossing, the driver gives way to any pedestrian on or entering the crossing.


Intersection and traffic lights are defined in the dictionary. Pedestrian is defined in rule 18.

    (3)     Subrule (2) applies despite anything to the contrary in rule 171 or 172.

    (4)     However, subrule (3) does not permit a driver to park a vehicle contrary to rule 171 or 172.

Division 2—Keeping to the left

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