Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Proceeding through a red traffic arrow

If traffic arrows at an intersection or marked foot crossing are showing a red traffic arrow, and a driver is turning in the direction indicated by the
arrow, the driver must not enter the intersection or marked foot crossing.

Penalty:     In the case of a natural person, 10 penalty units;

In the case of a body corporate, 120 penalty units.


1     A body corporate may be guilty of the offence by force of section 84BC of the Road Safety Act 1986 .

2     "Enter", intersection , marked foot crossing and red traffic arrow are defined in the dictionary.

3     Rules 56 and 57 deal with stopping for a red or yellow traffic arrow.

4     Rule 64 deals with the give way rules applying to a driver turning at an intersection with traffic lights in the direction indicated by a flashing yellow traffic arrow.

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