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Schedule 9—Accommodation and personal support standards

Regulation 29

The purpose of this Schedule is to set out the minimum standards required under the Act, and to identify the reasonable steps expected of proprietors to give effect to requirements under the Act.


Standard 1—Privacy, dignity and confidentiality

    1.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents' rights to privacy, dignity and confidentiality are respected by the proprietor and staff at the SRS.

    1.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     facilities provided allow residents to undertake personal activities (for example, bathing, toileting and dressing) in private;

        (b)     where rooms are shared, provision is made to ensure residents' privacy to the documented satisfaction of the residents concerned;

        (c)     facilities provided must be suitable for disabled use, if required;

        (d)     residents' personal and health information is securely stored.

Standard 2—Independence and choice

    2.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents' rights to independence and freedom of choice are recognised, provided they do not unreasonably affect the rights of other residents.

    2.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     residents are encouraged to exercise choice in their lifestyle and participate in decisions regarding the services they receive;

        (b)     residents' interests and preferences are reflected in activities provided at the SRS;

        (c)     residents are assisted, as far as possible, with transport and making arrangements to engage in activities outside the SRS;

        (d)     arrangements in place assist residents to maintain relationships with families and friends, including arrangements to receive visitors and make or take telephone calls in private, at reasonable times, having regard to the needs of other residents;

        (e)     residents are not subject to unusual or unreasonable routines in respect of daily living activities (for example, house rules that unreasonably restrict bed times or meal times).

Standard 3—Protection from abuse

    3.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents live in an environment free of verbal, emotional, sexual or physical abuse, harassment, exploitation or neglect.

    3.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     staff listen and speak to residents in a respectful, supportive and courteous manner;

        (b)     residents are not subject to abusive language;

        (c)     bullying, intimidation and physical, verbal or sexual abuse of residents by staff or other residents is not tolerated and, if it occurs, is dealt with swiftly.

Standard 4—Protection of private property

    4.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents' private property is protected.

    4.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     residents are provided with suitable storage facilities for their personal property;

        (b)     private property is not taken, borrowed or given to another person without the permission of the resident or resident's guardian;

        (c)     if a resident moves out of the SRS, personal belongings are forwarded to the alternate accommodation.


Standard 5—Choice

    5.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents' health and dietary needs and preferences are taken into account in the selection of food.

    5.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     dietary needs and preferences are discussed with each resident as part of the development of individual ongoing support plans;

        (b)     kitchen staff are informed of dietary preferences and menus are planned taking these into consideration;

        (c)     food acquisition and supplies reflect the planned menu.

Standard 6—Nutritious food

    6.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents are provided with food that is adequate in quality, quantity, variety and nutritional value to meet their daily requirements.

    6.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     menu planning is undertaken with reference to published dietary guidelines or, when necessary, the advice of a qualified dietician or nutritionist and is adequate in quality and quantity;

        (b)     menus are rotated regularly to ensure variety;

        (c)     food provided meets specific dietary requirements of residents;

        (d)     residents have ready access at all times to drinking water and other beverages.

Standard 7—Safe food

    7.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that food facilities and storage and preparation practices comply with relevant laws.

    7.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     staff adhere to the requirements of the SRS's registration under the Food Act 1984 ;

        (b)     staff adhere to the safe food handling practices, food storage and equipment requirements in accordance with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.


Standard 8—Choice of and access to health care

    8.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents are offered the opportunity to select their own health care providers and are provided with reasonable support to access those providers in a timely way.


General practitioner, allied health provider, dentist.

    8.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     preferred health care providers are identified by residents and included in each resident's individual ongoing support plan;

        (b)     residents are assisted, as far as possible, with making appointments and with transport arrangements to attend appointments with health care providers;

        (c)     residents are encouraged to access health care promptly if any sign of deterioration in their health status appears.

Standard 9—Personal support

    9.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents' health and wellbeing is optimised through providing personal support services in a way that takes account of individual residents' needs and preferences.

    9.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     residents' support plans document the needs of residents for all aspects of personal support, including hygiene, toileting, dressing, eating, medication, mobility, requirements for accessing health care and emotional support;

        (b)     residents' support plans document the type, frequency and timing of assistance to be provided to meet residents' personal support needs and preferences;

        (c)     hygiene issues requiring medical or other professional attention are addressed in a timely way;

        (d)     residents have access to an appropriate range of toiletries, including individual and personal items, to adequately maintain their personal hygiene;

        (e)     equipment provided to promote residents' mobility and sensory function is kept in good order.

Standard 10—Clothing

    10.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents wear their own clean clothing, appropriate to the climate, individual activities and personal preferences.

    10.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     residents have access to their own clothing;

        (b)     clothing is named clearly, but discreetly;

        (c)     clothing is laundered regularly.

Standard 11—Bedding and linen

    11.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents' beds are maintained with clean bedding and linen which is kept in good repair and is appropriate for climatic conditions.

    11.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     bedding (including linen, blankets, quilts and mattresses) is regularly cleaned, checked and repaired or replaced when necessary;

        (b)     protection of bedding is provided when required;

        (c)     residents have access to additional bedding for warmth when required.

Standard 12—First aid

    12.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that at all times, a well-equipped and maintained first aid kit is available, which is easily recognisable and accessible to staff.

    12.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     first aid materials are kept in an easily recognisable container that is located in a place easily accessible to staff;

        (b)     staff are made aware of how to use first aid materials;

        (c)     a regular stocktake of first aid materials is undertaken.


Standard 13—A safe environment

    13.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents live in a safe and stable environment.

    13.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     functioning call bells are located and accessible in each bedroom, bathroom, shower and in residents' toilets;

        (b)     call bells are tested regularly to ensure continuous operation;

        (c)     if appropriate, grab rails are provided in each toilet, shower room and bathroom;

        (d)     there is sufficient lighting in passages, stairways, bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets for safe movement around the SRS;

        (e)     there are sufficient power outlets available in every bedroom to accommodate electrical appliances without the need for extension cords;

        (f)     hot and cold water is supplied to all showers, baths and hand basins and the temperature of the hot water controlled to avoid the risk of scalding;

        (g)     processes are in place and maintained to identify and manage risks and hazards to residents.

Standard 14—A clean, comfortable and well maintained environment

    14.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that residents live in a clean and comfortable environment that is well maintained.

    14.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     all facilities, fittings, fixtures, furniture and equipment are maintained in a proper state of repair and in good working order;

        (b)     cleaning and maintenance of the premises, grounds, furniture, fixtures, fittings and equipment is undertaken in accordance with a schedule adequate for the needs of the resident population;

        (c)     waste is not permitted to accumulate at the premises or on the grounds and is collected at regular and frequent intervals;

        (d)     pending the collection of waste and rubbish, it is stored so as to minimise any risk of fire hazard or injury to residents;

        (e)     offensive odours are identified at the premises and controlled and vermin are eradicated;

        (f)     the temperature of the premises is maintained at a level at which residents are comfortable;

        (g)     residents have access to bedside lighting as well as general room lighting.

Standard 15—Emergency procedures and planning

    15.1     The purpose of this standard is to ensure that the proprietor has an effective emergency management plan in place and can respond to first aid emergencies at all times.

    15.2     Minimum requirements are—

        (a)     an up to date map of the SRS which identifies the number of each bedroom door, and clearly marked exit points, is kept in a prominent place;

        (b)     procedures for managing emergencies and evacuations are documented and maintained;

        (c)     all staff are aware of their roles and responsibilities in activating emergency procedures;

        (d)     residents are informed about emergency and evacuation procedures;

        (e)     regular fire drills and evacuation procedures are carried out.

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