Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   4.      Terms used in this Act

   PART II -- Application and traditional use  

   5.      Application to places
   6.      Application to objects
   7.      Traditional use
   8.      Availability for traditional use
   9.      Traditional custodians

   PART III -- Administration  

   10.     Duty of the Minister
   11.     Minister a body corporate
   11A.    Administration
   13.     Powers of delegation
   14.     Compensation on statutory vesting

   PART IV -- Protection of Aboriginal sites  

   15.     Report of findings
   16.     Excavation of Aboriginal sites
   17.     Offences relating to Aboriginal sites
   18.     Consent to certain uses
   19.     Protected areas
   20.     Temporarily protected areas
   21.     Objection to declaration
   22.     Compensation and compulsory acquisition
   23.     Marking of protected areas
   24.     Notification of changes etc.
   25.     Variation of Orders in Council
   26.     Regulations as to protected areas
   27.     Covenants

   PART V -- Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee  

   28.     Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee
   29.     Ex-officio members
   30.     Resignation, disqualification and co-option
   31.     Deputies
   32.     Quorum and meetings
   33.     Records and validity of proceedings
   34.     Procedure
   35.     Public Sector Management Act provisions
   36.     Remuneration etc.
   37.     Registrar of Aboriginal Sites
   38.     Register of places and objects
   39.     Functions of the Committee

   PART VI -- Protection for Aboriginal objects  

   39A.    Consultation between Minister and Trustees concerning administration of Part VI
   39B.    Minister may delegate to Trustees under Part VI
   39C.    Registrar may act on Minister’s behalf
   39D.    Minister to consult with Committee
   40.     Aboriginal cultural material
   41.     Notification and production of objects
   42.     Retention by Minister
   43.     Restrictions on dealing with Aboriginal cultural material
   44.     Prices to be at local rates
   45.     Minister may purchase as agent
   46.     Vesting of objects and inquiries into origin
   47.     Compulsory acquisition of objects
   48.     Restriction on exhibition of objects
   49.     Prohibition on publication

   PART VII -- Enforcement  

   50.     Honorary wardens
   51.     Powers of inspection
   52.     Power of officers to represent the Minister
   53.     Proceedings by the Minister
   54.     Persons obstructing execution of this Act
   55.     Breach of conditions
   56.     Secrecy
   57.     Penalties
   59.     Forfeiture
   60.     Evidence
   61.     Presumption as to notices
   62.     Special defence of lack of knowledge

   PART VIII -- General  

   66.     Authority to perform certain functions in relation to Crown land for purposes of this Act
   67.     Indemnity
   68.     Regulations
           Uncommenced provisions table
           Other notes
           Defined terms

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