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19 .         Protected areas

        (1)         Where the Committee recommends to the Minister that an Aboriginal site is of outstanding importance and that it appears to the Committee that the Aboriginal site should be declared a protected area the Minister shall give notice in writing of the recommendation —

            (a)         to every person entitled to give notice under section 18(2); and

            (b)         to any other person the Minister has reason to believe has an interest that might be specially affected if the declaration were made,

                specifying in each notice a time within which representations must be made if they are to be considered in accordance with this section.

        (2)         A person aggrieved by a recommendation for the declaration of a protected area may make representations in writing to the Minister setting out the grounds upon which he is aggrieved and the Minister may, if he is satisfied that the complainant has shown reasonable cause why his interest in the matter should be taken into consideration, direct the Committee to consider the representations and report to him on them.

        (3)         If upon considering the representations, the report of the Committee, and any further information that the Minister may require the complainant or the Committee to provide, it appears to the Minister that it is in the general interest of the community to do so, the Minister may recommend to the Governor that the Aboriginal site be declared a protected area.

        (4)         The Governor, on the recommendation of the Minister, may by Order in Council declare an Aboriginal site to be a protected area.

        (5)         The declaration of a protected area shall specify the boundaries of that area in sufficient detail to enable them to be established but it shall not be necessary that the boundaries are surveyed or demarcated.

        (6)         An Aboriginal site may be declared to be a protected area whether or not it is on land that is in the ownership or possession of any person or is reserved for any public purpose.

        [Section 19 inserted: No. 8 of 1980 s. 6; amended: No. 24 of 1995 s. 20.]

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