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31 .         Change of name by alteration of rules

        (1)         An alteration of the rules of an incorporated association having effect to change the name of the association does not take effect until section 30 is complied with and the approval of the Commissioner is given to the change of name.

        (2)         The Commissioner may direct that notice of a proposed change of name of an incorporated association be published in accordance with the Commissioner’s directions as a prerequisite to approval of the change.

        (3)         The Commissioner must not approve a name under this section unless the Commissioner is of the opinion that the proposed name is an appropriate name under which an association might be incorporated under this Act.

        (4)         The Commissioner must issue a new certificate of incorporation in the approved form showing the new name of the incorporated association if —

            (a)         the Commissioner approves a change of name; and

            (b)         subsection (5) is complied with; and

            (c)         any fee prescribed for the purposes of this subsection has been paid.

        (5)         A new certificate of incorporation under subsection (4) must not be issued unless —

            (a)         the certificate of incorporation previously issued has been returned to the Commissioner; or

            (b)         the Commissioner is satisfied that the certificate has been lost or destroyed.

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