Western Australian Current Acts

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4 .         Associations eligible for incorporation

                Without limiting section 11(1), an association is eligible to be incorporated under this Act if —

            (a)         it is formed and carried on for one or more of the following purposes —

                  (i)         a religious, educational, charitable or benevolent purpose;

                  (ii)         the purpose of promoting or encouraging literature, science or the arts;

                  (iii)         the purpose of providing medical treatment or attention, or promoting the interests of persons who suffer from a particular physical, mental or intellectual disability or condition;

                  (iv)         the purpose of sport, recreation or amusement;

                  (v)         the purpose of establishing, carrying on or improving a community centre, or promoting the interests of a local community or a particular section of a local community;

                  (vi)         the purpose of conserving resources or preserving any part of the environmental, historical or cultural heritage of the State;

                  (vii)         the purpose of promoting the interests of students or staff of an educational institution;

                  (viii)         a political purpose;

                  (ix)         the purpose of promoting the common interests of persons who are engaged in, or interested in, a particular business, trade or industry;

                  (x)         any purpose approved by the Commissioner;


            (b)         it has at least 6 members who under its rules have full voting rights; and

            (c)         it is not excluded by section 5 or under regulations made for the purposes of section 6.

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