Western Australian Current Acts

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CHAPTER 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   4.      Relationship with Taxation Administration Act 2003
   5.      GST, effect of on value or consideration
   6.      Family relationships, determining
   7.      References to being wound up
   8.      Notes in text

CHAPTER 2 -- Transfer duty

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   9.      Terms used

   PART 2 -- Imposition of transfer duty  

   10.     Transfer duty imposed

   PART 3 -- Dutiable transactions and dutiable property

           Division 1 -- Dutiable transactions  

   11.     Dutiable transaction
   12.     Vesting of property by statute law
   13.     References to farm-in agreement
   14.     Transactions as to chattels, which are dutiable

           Division 2 -- Dutiable property  

   15.     Dutiable property
   16.     References to right
   17.     New dutiable property
   18.     Special dutiable property

   PART 4 -- Collection of transfer duty

           Division 1 -- Liability for transfer duty  

   19.     When liability for duty arises
   20.     Who is liable to pay duty
   21.     Joint tenants to be treated as tenants in common in equal shares

           Division 2 -- Lodging transaction records  

   22A.    Terms used
   22.     Transfer duty statement to be made if no instrument
   23.     Instrument or statement for dutiable transaction, duty to lodge
   24.     Form of dutiable transaction

           Division 3 -- Payment of transfer duty  

   25.     When duty must be paid

           Division 4 -- Rate of transfer duty  

   26.     Rate of transfer duty

           Division 5 -- Dutiable value  

   27.     Dutiable value of dutiable transactions, unless otherwise provided
   28.     Dutiable value of certain dutiable transactions
   29.     Dutiable value of certain dutiable transactions relating to corporation or unit trust scheme property on winding up
   30.     Consideration for dutiable transaction
   31.     Changes to consideration before transfer, consequences of
   32.     Contingent consideration not paid, consequences of
   33.     Agreement by instalments determined before final payment, consequences of
   34.     Options conferred by dutiable transactions that are exercised or not renewed, consequences of
   35.     Option to acquire dutiable property, duty paid on to be credited
   36.     Unencumbered value of property, determining
   37.     Aggregation of dutiable transactions
   38.     Transactions as to dutiable and not dutiable property, duty on
   39.     Partitions of property, dutiable values in case of
   40.     Exchanges of dutiable property, duty on

           Division 6 -- No double duty  

   41.     No double duty -- general
   42.     No double duty -- particular dutiable transactions
   43.     Persons related to purchaser for s. 42(2)(a)

           Division 7 -- Interim assessment of transfer duty  

   44A.    Interim assessment of transfer duty

   PART 5 -- Application of this Chapter to certain transactions

           Division 1 -- Simultaneous put and call options  

   44.     Terms used
   45.     Call option of simultaneous put and call option to be taken to be agreement for transfer of option property
   46.     Simultaneous put and call option, dutiable value of
   47.     Dutiable transaction referred to in s. 45, duty paid on to be credited
   48.     Simultaneous put and call option not exercised or assigned, consequences of
   49.     Assignment of call option to be taken to be agreement for transfer of option property
   50.     Assignment of call option, dutiable value of
   51.     Dutiable transaction referred to in s. 49, duty paid on to be credited
   52.     Assigned call option not exercised or further assigned, consequences of

           Division 2 -- Discretionary trust acquisitions and surrenders  

   53.     References to partnership or trust holding property
   54.     References to taker in default
   55.     References to trust acquisition
   56.     References to trust surrender
   57.     When discretionary trust holds indirect interest in dutiable property
   58.     When person acquires interest in discretionary trust
   59.     Trust acquisition or trust surrender, dutiable value of
   60.     References to interest in discretionary trust of taker in default
   61.     Taker in default’s interest, value of for s. 59(b)
   62.     When trust acquisition or trust surrender is not dutiable transaction

           Division 3 -- Corporate trustees  

   63.     Terms used
   64.     References to trustee of discretionary trust holding property
   65.     References to corporate trustee
   66.     When corporate trustee holds indirect interest in dutiable property
   67.     Share disposition taken to be agreement for transfer of trust property
   68.     Transaction referred to in s. 67, dutiable value of
   69.     Person liable to pay duty on disposition of share

           Division 4 -- Partnerships  

   70.     Term used: dutiable property
   71.     References to partnership or trust holding property
   72.     References to partnership acquisition
   73.     When partnership holds indirect interest in WA land
   74.     References to partner’s partnership interest
   75.     When person acquires partnership interest
   76.     Partnership acquisition, dutiable value of
   77.     Partnership interest, value of for s. 76(b)
   78.     Transfer of dutiable property of partnership to retiring partner, dutiable value of

           Division 5 -- Western Australian business assets  

   79.     Terms used
   80.     Some transactions involving business licences to be taken to be agreements to transfer WA business assets
   81.     Transactions for particular WA business assets that are not dutiable transactions
   82.     Dutiable transaction for business asset, dutiable value of
   83.     Certain business licences required by Cwlth law, dutiable value of for s. 82(a)
   84.     Business licences required by WA law, dutiable value of for s. 82(b)
   85.     Dutiable value of business asset where principal place of business is in WA
   86.     Dutiable value of business asset where principal place of business is out of WA

           Division 6 -- Conditional agreements  

   87.     References to conditional agreement
   88A.    General conditional agreements, no duty on if terminated on relevant grounds
   88.     References to farming land conditional agreement
   89.     References to mining tenement conditional agreement
   90.     References to issue of title conditional agreement
   91.     References to subdivision conditional agreement

   PART 6 -- Exemptions, nominal duty and concessions

           Division 1 -- Exemptions  

   92.     Public authorities, declaration of as exempt bodies
   93.     Transactions for which exempt body would be solely liable
   94.     Transactions for which exempt body and another party would be liable, duty reduction for etc.
   95.     Transactions for charitable etc. purposes
   96A.    What is a relevant body
   96B.    Application for a beneficial body determination
   96C.    Beneficial body determination
   96.     Terms used
   97.     Some transactions between spouses or de facto partners
   98.     Application for exemption under this Subdivision
   99.     Terms used
   100.    References to family member
   101A.   References to primary production
   101.    References to transferee
   102.    References to exempt family farm transaction
   103.    Exempt family farm transactions, exemption for
   104.    No exemption for subsequent transactions for same farming property within 5 years
   105.    Subsequent liability to duty in certain circumstances
   106.    Application for exemption under this Subdivision
   107.    Cancelled transactions
   108.    Bankruptcy transactions
   109.    Transfer etc. to foreign country’s representative etc.
   110.    Financial Sector (Business Transfer and Group Restructure) Act 1999 (Cwlth) Part 4 transactions
   111.    Special disability trust transactions
   112.    Some transactions under other Acts
   113.    Transactions effected by matrimonial instrument or de facto relationship instrument

           Division 2 -- Nominal duty  

   114.    Some transfers etc. on vesting or termination of discretionary trust
   115.    Some transfers etc. on exercise of power of appointment by trustee of discretionary trust
   116.    Some transfers etc. of dutiable property to beneficiary
   117.    Transactions involving apparent purchaser
   118.    Transfer to and from trustee
   119.    Transactions related to changes in trustees and managed investment schemes
   120.    Transfer by way of security
   121.    Terms used
   122.    Relevant superannuation transactions for consideration
   123.    Subsequent liability in certain circumstances
   124.    Some transfers etc. of dutiable property to superannuation fund without consideration
   125.    Transfer from one superannuation fund to another
   126.    Some transfers etc. of dutiable property between trustees and custodians of superannuation funds
   127.    Some transfers etc. of dutiable property from superannuation fund to member, dependant or representative
   128.    Terms used
   129.    References to matrimonial instrument
   130.    References to de facto relationship instrument
   131.    Transactions effected by or in accordance with matrimonial instrument or de facto relationship instrument
   132.    Transactions becoming ones to which s. 131 applies, reassessment of
   133.    Evidence as to marriage or de facto relationship
   134.    Some transfers etc. of certain lots under planning scheme
   135.    Farm-in agreements
   136.    Business licences held under Fish Resources Management Act 1994
   137.    Transfers etc. to change joint tenancy to tenancy in common etc.
   138.    Transactions to correct clerical errors in previous dutiable transactions
   139.    Some transactions involving deceased estates
   140.    Prescribed dutiable transactions

           Division 3 -- First home owner concessions  

   141.    Terms used
   142A.   Concessional first home owners
   142.    First home owner concessional transactions
   143.    First home owner concessional rate of duty
   144.    Application for first home owner concessional rate of duty
   145.    Subsequent liability in certain circumstances
   146.    Other provisions about first home owner concessions

           Division 4A -- Residential concession  

   147A.   Terms used
   147B.   Eligible transaction
   147C.   Concessional transaction
   147D.   Residential property
   147E.   Concessional rate of duty chargeable on concessional transactions
   147F.   Eligible transactions to be reassessed if construction of residence begins etc. in certain time
   147G.   Application for assessment or reassessment at concessional rate

           Division 4 -- Residential or business concessions  

   147.    Concessional rates for transactions referred to in Stamp Act 1921 s. 75AE

CHAPTER 3 -- Landholder duty

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   148.    Terms used
   149.    Entitlement to land, determining
   150.    Unencumbered value of land or chattels

   PART 2 -- Imposition of landholder duty  

   151.    Landholder duty imposed

   PART 3 -- Certain key concepts defined and related provisions  

   152.    References to entity
   153.    References to interest in landholder or other entity
   154.    Interest of person in landholder etc., calculating

   PART 4 -- Landholders to which this Chapter applies  

   155.    Which entities are landholders
   156.    Which entities are linked to an entity
   157.    Land of linked entity, value of for s. 155
   158.    Extent of interest in discretionary trust
   159.    Extent of interest in partnership

   PART 5 -- Acquisitions to which this Chapter applies

           Division 1 -- Means by which interest acquired  

   160.    When person acquires interest in entity

           Division 2 -- Relevant acquisitions of interests in landholders  

   161.    Term used: significant interest
   162.    Related persons: s. 163 and 164
   163.    Acquisition of significant interest in landholder
   164.    Acquisition of further interest by holder of significant interest
   165.    Term used: acquisition
   166.    Effect of acquisition being exempt
   167.    Exemption if nominal duty would be chargeable on transfer
   168.    Exemption if transfer duty would not be chargeable
   169.    Exemption if acquisition is dutiable under s. 67
   170.    Exemption relating to approved arrangements with creditors under Corporations Act
   171.    Exemption of acquisition by family member of interest in corporation engaged in primary production
   172.    Calculation of duty where some land of corporation not used for primary production
   173.    Reversal of exemption where certain changes made to discretionary trust
   174.    No exemption where interest transferred within 5 years

   PART 6 -- Collection of landholder duty

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   175.    Term used: acquirer
   176.    When acquisition occurs
   177.    Certain transactions to be treated as agreements
   178.    Exceptions to s. 177

           Division 2 -- Liability  

   179.    Who is liable to pay duty
   180.    Application to Commissioner for determination of liability
   181.    Determination of s. 180 application
   182.    Powers of Commissioner where further information required for determination of s. 180 application

           Division 3 -- Payment of landholder duty  

   183.    When landholder duty must be paid

           Division 4 -- Rates of landholder duty  

   184.    Rates of landholder duty

           Division 5 -- Calculation of landholder duty  

   185.    References to interest of acquirer in landholder
   186.    Value of landholder
   187.    Determining value of further interest for duty calculation
   188.    Calculating duty payable
   189.    Reduction for s. 188
   193.    Calculation of duty where statement lodged under s. 201
   194.    Calculation of duty on certain acquisitions on winding up of corporation or unit trust scheme

           Division 6A -- Interim assessment of landholder duty  

   195A.   Interim assessment of landholder duty

           Division 6 -- Reassessment of liability for landholder duty  

   195.    Reassessment of duty where s. 149 or 156 applied
   196.    Reassessment of duty where s. 176(2) applied
   197.    Condition precedent to reassessment under s. 195 or 196
   198.    Taxation Administration Act not affected

           Division 7 -- Lodgment of statements  

   199.    Term used: acquisition statement
   200.    Acquisition statement to be lodged
   201.    Acquisition of further interests, lodgment of periodical statements may be approved
   202.    Lodgment obligations if s. 201 application refused
   203.    Form and content of acquisition statements
   204.    Failure to lodge acquisition statement

CHAPTER 4 -- Insurance duty

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   206.    Terms used

   PART 2 -- Imposition of insurance duty  

   207.    Insurance duty imposed
   208.    Contract of insurance
   209.    General insurance
   210.    Additional insurance in life insurance policy is general insurance
   211.    Premium
   212.    When premium paid

   PART 3 -- Collection of insurance duty

           Division 1 -- Liability  

   213.    Who is liable to pay duty
   214.    General insurer

           Division 2 -- Amount of insurance duty  

   215.    Amount of duty payable
   216.    Policies effecting general insurance and other insurance, duty on

           Division 3 -- Insurers  

   217.    General insurers to apply to be registered
   218.    Registration of general insurers
   219.    Return period of registered insurer
   220.    Registered insurers to lodge returns
   221.    Time for payment of duty by insurers
   222.    Cancelling registration of general insurers

           Division 4 -- Insured persons  

   223.    Some insured persons to lodge statements
   224.    Time for payment of duty by insured persons

   PART 4 -- General provisions as to insurance duty  

   225.    Insurer and intermediary to notify Commissioner of contracts of insurance
   226.    Refunds of duty if premium refunded
   227.    Records to be kept

CHAPTER 5 -- Vehicle licence duty

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   228.    Terms used

   PART 2 -- Imposition of vehicle licence duty  

   229.    Vehicle licence duty imposed
   230.    Vehicle and licence

   PART 3 -- Collection of vehicle licence duty

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   231.    Terms used

           Division 2 -- Liability  

   232.    Who is liable to pay duty

           Division 3 -- Assessment and payment of vehicle licence duty  

   233.    Assessment of duty
   234.    Applicant for licence to state dutiable value of vehicle etc.
   235.    Payment of duty

           Division 4 -- Amount of vehicle licence duty  

   236.    Amount of duty payable

           Division 5 -- Dutiable value of a vehicle  

   237.    Certain new vehicles, dutiable value of
   238.    Certain other vehicles, dutiable value of
   239.    Specialised vehicles, dutiable value of

   PART 4 -- Exemptions and nominal duty

           Division 1 -- Exemptions -- general  

   240.    If no vehicle licence fee payable under Vehicles Act
   241.    If transfer is a reconstruction transaction
   242.    If vehicle previously licensed to licence holder
   243.    If licence is for certain heavy vehicle
   244A.   If transfer is between spouses or de facto partners
   244.    If licence is for prescribed class of person or vehicle etc.

           Division 2 -- Exemptions -- motor vehicle dealers  

   245.    Use of vehicle includes for minor incidental purposes
   246.    If licence is for vehicle in dealer’s trading stock
   247.    If licence is for vehicle used for charitable etc. purposes
   248.    Change of permitted use of exempt vehicle, Commissioner to be notified
   249.    Change of use of exempt vehicle to non-permitted use, consequences of

           Division 3 -- Nominal duty  

   250.    Transactions chargeable with nominal duty

   PART 5 -- General provisions as to vehicle licence duty  

   251.    Failure to apply for transfer of licence
   252.    Seller to state dutiable value of vehicle etc.
   253.    Functions of CEO and Commissioner
   254.    Form of certain declarations
   255.    CEO’s duties
   256.    Records to be kept by dealers

CHAPTER 6 -- Certain exemptions for connected entities  

   257.    Terms used
   258.    Members of family
   259.    Relevant consolidation transaction
   260.    Relevant reconstruction transaction
   261.    Predetermining certain questions
   262.    Application for exemption
   263.    Grant of exemption
   264.    Commissioner to be notified of certain events after exempt relevant transaction
   265.    Revoking exemption
   266.    Liability for duty and tax if exemption revoked

CHAPTER 7 -- General anti-avoidance provisions  

   267.    Term used: scheme
   268.    Tax avoidance scheme
   269.    Deciding whether proposed scheme would be disregarded under s. 270
   270.    Certain tax avoidance schemes, Commissioner may disregard
   271.    Statement in relation to determination

CHAPTER 8 -- Other general provisions

   PART 1 -- Duty endorsement  

   272.    Duty endorsed
   273A.   Duty endorsement: electronic conveyancing instruments
   273.    Endorsing transaction records as to duty paid etc.
   274.    Endorsement of duty that depends on duty paid on another transaction
   275.    Duty endorsement is evidence of certain matters

   PART 2 -- Enforcement  

   276.    Dutiable transactions etc. not to be registered etc. unless duty endorsed
   277.    Business licences not to be registered etc. unless duty endorsed or instrument lodged
   278.    Caveat as to dutiable transaction not to be registered unless transaction is duty endorsed or lodged
   279.    Use of transaction records in civil proceedings
   280.    Unlodged instruments, duty of non-party to lodge

   PART 3 -- Miscellaneous  

   281.    Transaction records etc., Commissioner’s power to destroy
   282.    Correction of errors
   283.    Amounts expressed in foreign currency
   284.    Application of Corporations Act s. 1070A(1)(a) limited
   285.    Regulations
   286.    Transitional provisions (Sch. 3)
           SCHEDULE 1 -- When liability for transfer duty on a dutiable transaction arises and the person liable to pay it
           SCHEDULE 2 -- Rates of transfer duty
           SCHEDULE 3 -- Transitional provisions
           Compilation table

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