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16 .         Costs

        [(1)         deleted]

        (2)         Where a person gives evidence or information —

            (a)         at the instigation of the State Administrative Tribunal; or

            (b)         at the instigation of a party and the State Administrative Tribunal considers that the circumstances are exceptional,

                the Tribunal may approve payment to him of such amount as it thinks fit in or towards defraying any costs and expenses incurred by him in doing so, and an amount so approved shall be paid from moneys appropriated by Parliament for that purpose.

        [(3)         deleted]

        (4)         The State Administrative Tribunal may, if it is satisfied that a party to proceedings commenced under this Act has acted in the best interests of the represented person or a person in respect of whom an application is made, order that such costs relative to those proceedings as the State Administrative Tribunal thinks fit be paid to that party by, or out of the assets of, that person.

        (5)         Nothing in this section limits any other power of the State Administrative Tribunal under the State Administrative Tribunal Act 2004 .

        [Section 16 amended: No. 16 of 1992 s. 18; No. 55 of 2004 s. 427 and 466.]

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