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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title and commencement
   4.      Operation
   5.      Terms used
   5A.     Application of Act limited
   6.      Construction of Act

   PART II -- The Potato Marketing Corporation of Western Australia

           Division 1 -- Constitution and proceedings of the Corporation  

   7.      Corporation, name and membership of etc.
   9.      Corporation a body corporate; trading names
   10.     Corporation is not agent etc. of Crown
   11.     Members, remuneration of
   12.     Members, term of office of
   13.     Vacancies in office of member
   14.     Corporation’s acts etc. not invalid due to vacancy or defect in appointment
   15.     Meetings of Corporation
   16.     Protection of members and officers from personal liability
   17.     Meetings of Corporation, time and place of

           Division 2 -- Functions and general powers of Corporation  

   17AA.   Corporation to continue performing its functions for certain purposes
   17A.    Functions
   18.     Staff of Corporation, appointment of etc.; inspectors, functions of and obstructing etc.
   19.     General powers
   20.     Potato Marketing Corporation Account
   20A.    Directions by Minister to Corporation

   PART IV -- Marketing of potatoes  

   22.     Sale and delivery of potatoes regulated; evidentiary provisions
   22A.    Vehicles carrying potatoes, power to stop and search etc.
   22B.    Certain potato growing businesses to be registered; area licences, issue etc. of
   22C.    Registration, and area licensing, generally
   22D.    Cancelling or suspending registration or area licence
   23.     When Corporation has to or may accept delivery of potatoes
   24.     Delivery of potatoes to Corporation, effect of
   25.     Permits to buy, sell etc. potatoes, grant of
   26.     Marketing of potatoes, Corporation’s functions as to
   27.     Marketing pools
   28.     Domestic marketing pools, allocating entitlements for
   29.     Shortfalls for pools, Corporation’s powers in case of
   30.     Payments by Corporation for potatoes
   31.     When Corporation may refuse etc. to pay for potatoes
   32.     Payments by Corporation for ware potatoes for domestic market, determining amount of
   33.     Corporation may request carriers not to carry potatoes
   34.     Proceedings against Corporation restricted
   35.     Encumbrances on title to potatoes, grower etc. to notify Corporation etc. of
   36.     Liability of Corporation limited

   PART V -- Miscellaneous  

   37.     Financial Management Act 2006 and Auditor General Act 2006, application of
   38.     Minister to have access to information
   39.     Charge on proceeds of potatoes marketed
   40.     Infringement notices
   41.     Offences
   41A.    Offence by body corporate, liability of officers for
   41B.    Potatoes etc. impounded under Act, dealing with
   41C.    Labelling etc. on packages is proof of content etc.
   41D.    Proof that potatoes were for sale
   41E.    Proof of purpose
   41F.    Proof of licensing matters
   42.     Legal proceedings by Corporation, institution of
   43.     Regulations

   PART 6 -- Transitional provisions for Marketing of Potatoes Amendment and Repeal Act 2016  

   45.     Terms used
   46.     Former Corporation abolished
   47.     Existing employees
   48.     Transfer of contracts for services
   49.     Transfer of assets, liabilities, proceedings, remedies and immunities
   50.     Exemption from State tax
   51.     Closure of accounts
   52.     Agreements, instruments and documents
   53.     Completion of things commenced
   54.     Continuing effect of things done
   55.     Effect on other instruments, rights and obligations
   56.     Interpretation Act 1984 not affected
   57.     Transitional regulations
           Provisions that have not come into operation
           Defined terms

        [Heading inserted: No. 19 of 2010 s. 43(3)(a).]

Compilation table

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