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15 .         Meetings of Corporation

        (1)         All powers vested in the Corporation may be exercised by a majority of the members present at any meeting duly held at which a quorum is present, and all questions shall be decided by a majority and by open voting.

        (2)         The chairman shall preside at every meeting of the Corporation at which he is present. If the chairman is absent from a meeting the other members of the Corporation present shall select one of their number to act as chairman at that meeting.

        (3)         If the votes of the members of the Corporation present at a meeting and voting on a question are equally divided, the chairman or other person presiding at that meeting shall have and may exercise a casting vote in addition to a deliberative vote.

        (4)         Three members of the Corporation shall form a quorum.

        (5)         The Corporation shall keep a record of its proceedings.

        (6)         Notice of meetings of the Corporation is to be given to the chief executive officer of the Corporation, who shall be entitled to attend any meeting of the Corporation and to participate in the discussion of any matter at the meeting but, unless a person who is a member of the Corporation, is not entitled to a vote.

        [Section 15 amended by No. 96 of 1985 s. 22; No. 11 of 1995 s. 12 and 16.]

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