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19 .         General powers

        (1)         The Corporation may for the purposes of carrying out the duties and functions imposed on it by the other provisions of this Act —

            (a)         buy or sell any property;

            (b)         enter into any contract;

            (ba)         enter into a partnership or an arrangement for the sharing of expenditure, profits and losses;

            (bb)         form or establish, or participate in the formation or establishment of, any corporation or joint venture;

            (bc)         subscribe for, invest in or otherwise acquire, and dispose of, shares in, or debentures or other securities of, a corporation;

            (c)         borrow money and mortgage or charge any of its property as security for the repayment of any money borrowed;

            (d)         fix a minimum price at which potatoes from a domestic marketing pool may be sold to wholesalers by the Corporation;

            (e)         establish or maintain premises for receiving, handling, grading, treatment, storage or sale of potatoes;

            (f)         receive, handle, wash, brush, package, grade, treat, process, store, purchase or sell potatoes, or contract or arrange for any such matter;

            (g)         purchase, hire, construct, erect and maintain any premises, machinery, plant and equipment required for the performance of its functions;

            (h)         may with respect to the marketing or production of any potatoes enter into arrangements with any body, association or corporation in the Commonwealth which has among its principal objects the management, control or regulation of the marketing or production of the potatoes, and may through any member or delegate of the Corporation participate in the membership or management of any such body, association or corporation;

                  (i)         undertake transport and carrying services;

            (j)         exercise the functions usually exercised by shipping agents;

            (k)         at its discretion —

                  (i)         grant, or refuse, the registration of persons as authorised to carry on business as a commercial producer of potatoes, whatever the purpose for which those potatoes are to be grown; and

                  (ii)         license, or refuse to license, the areas of land sought to be used in any such business; and

                  (iii)         regulate domestic market entitlements, and marketing pools;

            (l)         administer the granting, issue, duration, refusal, transfer, suspension and cancellation of licences and registration under this Act;

            (m)         impose conditions upon licences granted, including restrictions limiting or defining the area or areas within which potatoes may be sown or produced for sale or the quantity of potatoes that may be produced for sale, and may from time to time add to, vary or revoke such conditions or any of them;

            (n)         prohibit the production of potatoes for sale to consumers in the State except in accordance with the conditions determined by the Corporation;

            (o)         require any grower who may cease to grow potatoes for sale, or who may intend to grow less than any relevant market entitlement granted to that grower contemplates, to give to the Corporation written notice and particulars of the circumstances within a reasonable time;

            (p)         do all other acts, matters and things which it is required by this Act to do, or which may be necessary or convenient to be done by the Corporation for giving effect to this Act.

        (2)         Subject to the approval of the Minister, the Corporation may delegate the exercise of any of its powers, or the performance of any duty conferred or imposed on it, to any other person.

        (3)         The Corporation may from time to time appoint any person —

            (a)         on such terms and conditions as are; and

            (b)         to the extent and in the area that is,

                agreed between the Corporation and that person, to act as the agent of the Corporation and that person may be thereby authorised to take deliveries from growers, to act as a grading and packing merchant, to sell or distribute potatoes, or to perform any other specified function on behalf of the Corporation.

        (4)         The appointment of a person under subsection (3) as an agent of the Corporation may from time to time be amended, or be revoked, by the Corporation.

        [Section 19 amended by No. 96 of 1985 s. 9 and 22; No. 11 of 1995 s. 12 and 21.]

[ 19A.         Deleted by No. 22 of 2016 s. 9.]

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