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22B .         Certain potato growing businesses to be registered; area licences, issue etc. of

        (1)         A person shall not —

            (a)         as a commercial producer grow potatoes for sale —

                  (i)         to consumers in the State; or

                  (ii)         as, or to a manufacturer of, any potato product; or

                  (iii)         for export, or when exported; or

                  (iv)         for propagation,

                unless that business is registered, in the prescribed manner, with the Corporation and is carried on in accordance with this Act and with the terms of, and any conditions or restrictions that apply to, that registration;

            (b)         as a commercial producer plant potatoes, whether in connection with the carrying on of a business of the kind referred to in paragraph (a), or for propagation or for any other purpose, otherwise than on land specified in an area licence —

                  (i)         issued to that commercial producer by the Corporation; or

                  (ii)         acquired by that commercial producer from another commercial producer by means of a transfer approved by the Corporation under this Act.

        (2)         At the hearing of a charge of an offence referred to in subsection (1), evidence that the total area of land shown to have been planted with potatoes by the person charged exceeds, or was estimated by an inspector in a manner which the court considers to have been reasonable to exceed, 100 m 2 is prima facie evidence that the land was planted with a view to producing potatoes for sale.

        (3)         A person convicted of an offence against subsection (1) is, subject to section 41(4), liable —

            (a)         for a first offence, to a fine of not more than $2 000; and

            (b)         for a subsequent offence, to a fine of not more than $5 000.

        [(4)         deleted]

        (5)         The Corporation may —

            (a)         refuse —

                  (i)         to grant an application for the registration of a business; or

                  (ii)         to approve the transfer of a registration; or

                  (iii)         to issue, or to approve the transfer of, an area licence;


            (b)         cancel or suspend the operation of any such registration or licence,

                at the written request of the Chief Health Officer where that officer is of the opinion that a health risk exists, at the written request of the Director General of Agriculture where that officer is of the opinion that a risk exists by reason of any pest or disease, or if the applicant or prospective transferee is a person convicted of an offence under the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911 or the Public Health Act 2016 or the Food Act 2008 or this Act.

        (6A)         In subsection (5) —

        Chief Health Officer has the meaning given in the Public Health Act 2016 section 4(1).

        (6)         Subject to subsection (5), the Corporation shall not refuse an application for approval to the transfer of an area licence unless the Corporation has reason to believe that the transfer will or may result in the terms of the licence, or of any conditions or restrictions that apply to it, not being observed.

        (7)         An area licence —

            (a)         has effect from the time specified in the licence; and

            (b)         has no effect at any time when —

                  (i)         any of its terms, conditions or restrictions, whether set out in the licence or made applicable under section 22C(5), are not observed; or

                  (ii)         the operation of it is suspended under subsection (5) or section 22D;


            (c)         may be cancelled by the Corporation.

        (8)         Where an application for the registration of a business is granted, the Corporation shall issue to the applicant a certificate in the prescribed form identifying —

            (a)         the commercial producer who is the holder; and

            (b)         the name under which the holder is thereby authorised to carry on business; and

            (c)         the location of the business; and

            (d)         the size and nature of the activities under this Act thereby authorised; and

            (e)         any other terms, and any conditions or restrictions, applicable.

        (9)         A purported transfer from one holder to another of any registration or area licence shall not have effect unless and until approval has been sought from and given by the Corporation in the prescribed manner.

        [(10)         deleted]

        [Section 22B inserted by No. 55 of 1966 s. 5; amended by No. 26 of 1974 s. 7; No. 96 of 1985 s. 13 and 22; No. 20 of 1989 s. 3; No. 11 of 1995 s. 29; No. 84 of 2004 s. 80; No. 28 of 2006 s. 22; No. 19 of 2016 s. 168 and 305.]

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