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22D .         Cancelling or suspending registration or area licence

        (1)         If the Corporation proposes to cancel or suspend any registration or area licence the Corporation is to give to the holder notice in writing of the proposal, of the reason for it, and of the date upon which the cancellation or suspension will, subject to subsection (3), take effect.

        (2)         The provisions of subsection (3) do not have effect where the cancellation or suspension of a registration or area licence is occasioned for a reason referred to in section 22B(5).

        (3)         A notice given under subsection (1) is to state that within —

            (a)         7 days, in the case of a proposal to suspend; or

            (b)         21 days, in the case of a proposal to cancel,

                after service of the notice the person to whom it is given may make representations in writing to the Corporation concerning the proposal, that effect will not be given to the proposal until any representations received within that period have been considered, and that if the proposal is to take effect despite those representations the holder will be notified of the date on which it will take effect.

        (4)         Subject to subsection (3), the Corporation may cancel, or suspend the operation of, any registration or area licence at discretion.

        (5)         The cancellation, or suspension of the operation, of a registration or area licence may relate to the doing of some, but not all, of the activities or things authorised by the registration or licence.

        [Section 22D inserted by No. 11 of 1995 s. 30.]

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