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32 .         Payments by Corporation for ware potatoes for domestic market, determining amount of

        (1)         For the purpose of determining the payments to be made by the Corporation in respect of ware potatoes delivered and accepted for sale in a domestic marketing pool the Corporation shall recommend to the Minister a price, which takes into account —

            (a)         a level of return that should provide a reasonable opportunity for profit from the economically efficient production of potatoes during preferred planting periods in the State; and

            (b)         such other material factors as may be determined by the Corporation at discretion and are explained to the Minister,

                and, if the basis of the pricing is approved by the Minister, payment under section 30 shall, subject to subsection (2), be made accordingly.

        (2)         In relation to the potatoes delivered by or on behalf of any particular grower the price generally payable may be varied, at the discretion of the Corporation having regard to commercial considerations, by the Corporation to take into account —

            (a)         a seasonal premium, payable for the purpose of encouraging the production of potatoes otherwise than during preferred planting periods;

            (b)         a premium, or a discount, applicable to the quality or variety of the potatoes delivered and reflecting normal competitive conditions;

            (c)         other premiums, or penalties, applicable to that grower having regard to conditions or circumstances determined by the Corporation,

                but any such premium or discount is to be based on market research, and the price to be paid to that grower may be fixed, according to the quality of the potatoes, either at the time of grading or at the time of the actual marketing of those potatoes.

        (3)         A payment advice, to be given by the Corporation to the person by or for whom the potatoes were delivered to the Corporation at or near the end of the growing season shall set out the details of the price that was paid by the Corporation showing —

            (a)         any progress payment made under section 30(2)(a); and

            (b)         the amount of any final payment made under section 30(2)(b),

                and the basis on which those payments were determined.

        [Section 32 inserted by No. 11 of 1995 s. 44.]

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