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7 .         Corporation, name and membership of etc.

        (1)         The body corporate hitherto constituted under this section and known as the Western Australian Potato Marketing Board and subsequently as the Western Australian Potato Marketing Authority is preserved and continues in existence for the purposes of this Act but shall be known as the Potato Marketing Corporation of Western Australia.

        (1a)         The corporate identity and rights and obligations of the body corporate are not affected by the change of its name under subsection (1).

        (1b)         A reference to the Western Australian Potato Marketing Board or to the Western Australian Potato Marketing Authority, whether by use of that name or a similar abbreviated form of that name, in a written law or other instrument or document shall be read and construed as a reference to the Corporation unless in the context it would be incorrect to do so.

        (2)         The Corporation shall consist of 6 members appointed by the Minister, 2 of whom shall be persons elected by the commercial producers under section 8.

        (3)         Other than the persons elected under section 8, of the members of the Corporation —

            (a)         one shall be appointed as chairman of the Corporation, being a person who in the opinion of the Minister has relevant commercial expertise; and

            (b)         3 shall be persons who have, in the opinion of the Minister, relevant commercial expertise in finance, in marketing, or in the food industry.

        [Section 7 amended by No. 26 of 1974 s. 3; No. 96 of 1985 s. 6 and 22; No. 11 of 1995 s. 9 and 12.]

[ 8.         Deleted by No. 22 of 2016 s. 7.]

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