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24 .         Register of authorisations etc.; evidentiary provisions

        (1)         The Commissioner shall cause a register to be kept showing the prescribed particulars and matters relating to —

            (a)         authorisations; and

            (b)         the holders of authorisations; and

            (c)         premises authorised under sections 20E and 21A.

        (2)         Any entry in the register is prima facie evidence of the facts thereby recorded and, where the name of a person is not recorded in the register, as a holder of an authorisation of any particular kind, there is a presumption that the person is not the holder of a valid authorisation of that kind.

        (3)         The holder of a salesperson’s licence or a yard manager’s licence shall give written notice to the Commissioner of any change in the address of the place of residence of the holder of that licence not later than 14 days after that change takes place.

        Penalty: $1 500.

        (4)         The Commissioner shall enter in the register details of any change notified under subsection (3).

        (5)         The register shall be open for inspection by any person, on payment of the prescribed fee, during normal office hours.

        (6)         A person may, on payment of the prescribed fee, obtain from the Commissioner a certificate —

            (a)         showing whether or not a person was the holder of any authorisation on a specified date or during a specified period; or

            (b)         as to any other matter appearing in the register.

        (7)         A certificate referred to in subsection (6) is admissible in proceedings as evidence of the matters stated in the certificate.

        [Section 24 amended: No. 56 of 1995 s. 35; No. 4 of 2002 s. 23, 31(6) and 38; No. 58 of 2010 s. 45 and 50.]

        [Heading inserted: No. 73 of 2003 s. 16.]

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