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56 .         Regulations

        (1)         The Governor may make such regulations as are necessary or expedient for the purposes of giving effect to the provisions or objects of this Act.

        (2)         Without limiting the generality of the provisions of subsection (1), the regulations may —

            (a)         prescribe any practice relating to the business of buying or selling second-hand vehicles that in the opinion of the Governor is an undesirable practice; and

            (b)         prescribe the information and particulars that shall be included in any advertising material relating to second-hand vehicles and the form and manner in which that information or those particulars shall be set out in that advertising material; and

            (c)         prescribe fees to be payable and provide for and prescribe the forms to be used for the purposes of this Act; and

            (d)         prescribe the manner in which any notice under this Act shall be attached or affixed to a vehicle; and

            (e)         provide for the form of a notice that shall be affixed to a vehicle indicating that the vehicle has been excluded from the operation of Division 3 of Part III; and

            (f)         provide for and prescribe the method of evidencing and the documents required to effectuate sales of second-hand vehicles between trade owners; and

            (g)         require yard managers and salespersons to give notice of changes of employment or places of employment; and

            (ga)         prescribe —

                  (i)         offences for which an infringement notice may be given under section 55A; and

                  (ii)         for each prescribed offence —

                        (I)         a modified penalty; or

        (II)         a different modified penalty according to the circumstances of the offence,

                but not in any case exceeding the amount allowed by section 55A(5);


            (h)         provide for and prescribe penalties not exceeding, in each case, $2 000, for a contravention of or failure to comply with any provision of the regulations.

        [(3)         deleted]

        [Section 56 amended: No. 56 of 1995 s. 36; No. 4 of 2002 s. 31(7), 53 and 64; No. 34 of 2020 s. 100(2).]

        [Heading inserted: No. 58 of 2010 s. 49.]

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