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   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used

   PART 2 -- Small Business Development Corporation  

   4.      Corporation established, nature of etc.
   5A.     Trading names, use of by Corporation
   5.      Board of management, membership of etc.
   6.      Acting etc. members, appointment of
   7.      Members, remuneration of
   8.      Board meetings etc.
   9.      Vacancy or defect in appointment does not affect validity of board’s acts etc.
   11.     Functions of Corporation
   11AA.   Financial assistance, grants and operational funding in relation to small businesses
   11A.    Delegation by Corporation

   PART 3 -- Small Business Commissioner

           Division 1 -- Small Business Commissioner  

   13.     Small Business Commissioner, appointment of
   14A.    Functions of Commissioner
   14B.    Powers of Commissioner
   14BA.   Commissioner may request documents, things and information
   14BB.   Reports by Commissioner
   14C.    Delegation by Commissioner
   14.     Financial Management Act 2006, application of to this PART

           Division 2 -- Dispute resolution

              Subdivision 1 -- Preliminary  

   15A.    Terms used

              Subdivision 2 -- Requests to provide assistance  

   15B.    Small business may request Commissioner’s assistance in small business dispute
   15C.    Assistance to resolve dispute, Commissioner may provide

              Subdivision 3 -- Alternative dispute resolution  

   15D.    Parties to small business dispute may request ADR
   15E.    Request for ADR, Commissioner’s functions on
   15F.    Commissioner may add party to ADR proceeding
   15G.    Costs of ADR proceeding
   15H.    Representation in ADR proceeding
   15I.    ADR proceeding, admissibility of evidence of in courts etc.

   PART 4 -- Staff  

   15.     Staff of Corporation, employment of
   16.     Staff who are in Senior Executive Service, status of
   17.     Staff and facilities of departments etc., use of by Corporation

   PART 5 -- Accountability and financial provisions  

   18A.    Protection from personal liability
   18B.    Directions to Corporation by Minister
   18C.    Minister to have access to information
   18.     Disclosure of some information by officials restricted
   18AA.   Complainant identity protected
   19.     Small Business Development Corporation Account
   21.     Financial Management Act 2006 and the Auditor General Act 2006, application of

   PART 6 -- Miscellaneous  

   24.     Regulations
   24A.     Review of amendments made by Small Business Development Corporation Amendment Act 2020

   PART 7 -- Transitional provisions relating to Small Business and Retail Shop Legislation Amendment Act 2011  

   25.     Term used: commencement day
   26.     Appointed members as at 24 Mar 2012
   27.     Application of s. 18 to certain persons
           Other notes
           Defined terms

An Act —
•         to establish a Small Business Development Corporation and Small Business Commissioner; and
•         to encourage, promote, facilitate and assist the establishment, development and carrying on of small business in the State; and
•         to enhance a competitive and fair operating environment for small business in the State; and
•         to empower the Corporation to give financial assistance, grants and operational funding in relation to small businesses; and
•         to provide alternative dispute resolution services in respect of small business disputes and disputes referred under any other Act; and
•         for related matters.

        [Long title inserted: No. 4 of 2022 s. 4.]

        [Heading inserted: No. 20 of 2011 s. 5.]

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