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14 .         Unit entitlement of lots

        (1)         The unit entitlement of a lot, as stated in the schedule referred to in section 5, determines —

            (a)         the voting rights of a proprietor; and

            (b)         the quantum of the undivided share of each proprietor in the common property; and

            (c)         subject to subsection (1)(c)(ii) of section 36, the proportion payable by each proprietor of contributions levied under that section.

        (2)         The certificate of a licensed valuer which is required by sections 5B(1)(b), 8A(h), 21T(1)(d) and 31E(1)(d) to accompany a strata/survey-strata plan and a plan of re-subdivision lodged for registration shall be in the prescribed form and shall certify that, or to the effect that, the unit entitlement of each lot, as stated in the schedule referred to in those sections, bears in relation to the aggregate unit entitlement of all lots delineated on the strata/survey-strata plan a proportion not greater than 5% more or 5% less than the proportion that the value of that lot bears to the aggregate value of all the lots delineated on the plan.

        (2a)         In subsection (2) —

        value means —

            (a)         in the case of a strata scheme, the capital value within the meaning of the Valuation of Land Act 1978 ; and

            (b)         in the case of a survey-strata scheme, the site value within the meaning of that Act.

        (3)         A certificate given by a licensed valuer for the purposes of this Act shall be valid for such period as is prescribed.

        [Section 14 amended: No. 58 of 1995 s. 17 and 95; No. 61 of 1996 s. 14; No. 24 of 2000 s. 40(3).]

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